Monday, January 19, 2009

Sally Travels to Europe and Canada

I had just picked up the last toy when the doorbell rang. “Sally,” I exclaimed. “It is great to see you. Come in.”

“You look frazzled,” said Sally.

“You just missed our daughter-in-law leaving with our two grandchildren. They came Sunday afternoon and stayed until this afternoon. You know those little ones can keep you hopping! Our three-year old grandson loves climbing and jumping! Our one-year old granddaughter loves climbing up the stairs, and we have two sets. Of course, she can’t climb down yet, so there was Mamaw following behind her as she went up the stairs, then picking her up to go back down so she could do it all over again! Needless to say, I have had my exercise in the past 24 hours! Papaw was the chief cook while they were here.....bless his heart. But, they are so sweet, and we love getting to bond with them. We feel so lucky to have two here in town, and although the other one lives in Florida, she has Southwest Airlines flying we get to see her a lot, too!”

“That sure sounds like fun,” exclaimed Sally. “But, I bet you could go for some chocolate about now, and I have just the thing for us...........a chocolate meringue pie.”

“Oh, yum,” I sighed. And off we went to the kitchen.

Sitting at the table, letting the delicious, cool flavor of that pie melt in our mouths, Sally said, “Do you remember last time I was here you were telling me about all the places where the people live who are part of your Boomers and Beyond Team. I don’t think you got to everyone.”

"You're right,” I answered. “But, since you were here last, I did a little checking on all those shops. There are quite a few in Europe, some in Canada, and lots and lots here in the United States. I want to show you all of them, but we sure can’t see their beautiful offerings all in the same day. So, bring your pie and chair over to the computer, and let’s just start today with some of our Bbest teams across the pond and those in Canada. You’ve always wanted to travel. Today’s your lucky day, even if it is just via the computer! Here we go!”

Creations by Eve - Greece - Pom Pom Scarf -

Aysetugrul - Turkey - Safari Necklace -

Gunnelsvensson- Sweden - Embroidered Mini Quilt -

Annas Jewels - Montreal - Thai Heart Necklace -

Ficklefaerie - Ontario - Mini Reusable Produce Bag -

DbHoyle Arts - British Columbia - Notecards -

“My goodness,” said Sally. “Those are wonderful, fantastic items by such talented artists, and such a nice variety of offerings. I just can’t wait until next time I visit so we can check out those United Kingdom and U.S. shops. What are we doing next?" she asked.

“I think we will take another European trip and check out those artists who live and work in the United Kingdom," I responded.

“Oh, what fun!” Sally exclaimed. “I can't wait to see what is in store....."


Precious Quilts said...

I always LOVE these adventures! What a clever introduction to our global community!

Pam said...

Thanks! It is fun for me, too.

Chauncey said...

Pam, please save me a piece of that pie! Great post and a lovely collection of items from our far away friends.

ZudaGay said...

Pam, it is always so fun to read your posts!! Wonderful choices you picked to show Sally. And now I am so craving chocolate meringue pie!! Or lemon would do...

joonbeam said...

Wonderful, Pam! Thanks once again.