Monday, October 10, 2011

October – Dogs – Halloween! by Pam Todd

October has traditionally been a month of a number of recognitions:  Fire Prevention Day (in elementary school, we always wrote essays on Fire Prevention – did you?) is one of them.  Then there is Oktober Fest with lots of food and festivities.  October has also been designated as Adopt a Shelter Dog month.  And, of course there is Halloween.  Some of the other special days include pharmacists day, clergy appreciation day, cookie month, eat country ham day, pizza day, vegetarian day, popcorn popping day, sarcastic day, and seafood day.  Two of these are meaningful to me, one because I am a dog lover, and the other because I enjoyed it so much as a kid!  Bet you know which one that is. 

I’ve loved every dog we had.  The closest we came to adopting a shelter dog was when we stopped by the animal shelter one night, and there was a puppy sitting outside the fenced-in area.  We decided that because we found her there when we stopped by that she was meant to be ours, and so we took her home, and made her part of our family.  I mean, something could have happened to her had we left her there……she could have wandered off and been run over, an animal could have gotten her, or who knows what might have happened.  We just knew she was meant to be ours.  But, today, there are thousands of dogs across the country waiting for their forever home.  And, they are waiting in shelters for families to come and get them.  If you are considering getting a dog, please stop by your local animal shelter and take a look.  You may find the perfect dog for you!  I found some cute doggy items among the shops of the Bbest team.  No real dogs, just cute stuff.  Here are some of them.










And, no doubt you have guessed that my other favorite topic for October is Halloween.  In the olden days (mid 1940s to mid 1950s) trick or treating was one of the highlights of the year.  My sister and I and other kids from the neighborhood would walk about six blocks in all four directions and feel safe knocking on the doors of people we knew as well as complete strangers.  We got apples, candy, gum, popcorn balls, and sometimes nickels or dimes!  We never worried that anyone would do us any harm.  Of course, our folks always looked at everything we brought home.  But, it was fun, dressing up as ghosts (with sheets from the closet) or as a grandpa or grandma with our grandparents clothes with pillows under them.  Sometimes we had store bought masks.  We always carved a pumpkin and set it on the front porch.  And, we loved it when the kids came to our house, too.  Halloween is still a fun celebration for many.  And our Bbest team has lots of fun items with a Halloween theme.












Enjoy October – drink cider – eat doughnuts and popcorn – love your dog if you have one – leave your porch light on for trick or treaters – carve a pumpkin and set it out – and maybe even dress up and go to a Halloween party!  Whatever, just have fun!