Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year ~ Time To Try Something New

This month our BBEST Team challenge is to create something new and a little different. Stretch our wings and envision new horizons. We find ourselves just about midway through the month.

How many of you have started on your challenge? Tomorrow marks one year since I first blogged and there is no way that tonight, one year ago, I would ever have dreamed that I would have written, created, or learned so much in one year's time. Do any of you feel the same? I bet you do.

I love trying new techniques and finding new interests. The same time I joined this team I joined a small group we named Create-A-Day. Our challenge was to create something every day ~ if it was a large project ~ to work on a portion of it. Our January Challenge is a much smaller, baby step version. But, who knows? It just might be the little nudge that makes a big change in your life. Time will tell. Your friends anxiously await. Inspiration fosters inspiration. And that's what BBEST friends are for.

You know I love games. This one: Find the items pictured above by searching bbest and ??? what term ??? Can you guess why each one was chosen? Good luck!


The Filigree Garden said...

It's always good to take on a challenge like trying something new. Sometimes we just need a little push. ;-) Can't wait to see what people make.

ZudaGay said...

I haven't started yet. I'm still in the mulling it around stage.

On a Whimsey said...

My mind is still going round in circles as I try to decide!!! Good for the soul though and a good kick up the whatsits ;)

Pam said...

Is this where you want us to tell who made these wonderful creations and why you chose them? I hope so because here goes!
SixSisters - Life Marks
Twirling Vine's Shop - I
Am the Change
Artmixter - Inspiration Journal

Reason: making something out of our usual sphere will certainly mark this time in our lives
whatever we make will be "the change" for us at this particular time
the title of the journal "Inspiration Journal" does just that - inspires us to try something new

Another great post!!

joonbeam said...

Pam, thank you for playing along and taking the time to post. I appreciate it. It is nice to know someone is reading my posts! I hope you enjoyed it. ox joon

MagdaleneJewels said...

Joon - I know how you feel - I always make a point to leave a comment - just for the exact reason you stated, to acknowledge the person who wrote and to show our interest in the project.
I am almost finished my contribution. Love the ones you posted already - my first thought was the colors and how they attracted the viewer.

Chauncey said...

I for one can't wait to see what the creative minds here will do. From the entries I've received so far.... I think you will all be surprised!

Great post Joonie!

eddy said...

I don't know about any challenge but I read the blog and here's my comment! Actually, I need to quit trying new things!

Diane ~ said...

Hi Joonie! I held back from answering this post since I knew, & was part of the answer to your game! :) So glad that Pam stepped up :D
Thank you so much Joonie for another wonderful post! I just love all the attention & detail that you put into each one. Your posts are always an enjoyable & fun read!
thanks a bunch!
((hugs)) & ♥diane