Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanks for having me...

Well, friends, here we are with the year winding down and I am feeling more than a little nostalgic when it comes to BBEST. I first posted on the Famous Boomer Forum thread on New Year's Day, 2008. I joined the next morning. I never dreamed I would be here today posting a feature on our team blog. I took a little journey back through time. The first day of that thread was 12 pages long. Today's first 12 pages took us to 7:30 AM. In my search for this Joony Toons guessing game, I was getting a bit weepy. Luckily, I hit pay dirt and the smiles settled in. Are you ready? Here we go on a wild little ride through...

2008: The Thread Revisited

"welcome to the most talkative group on etsy!" {Barb/Blazing}

" I'm kinda happy the holidays are over. Does anyone else feel like they ate their way through the last 10 days? " {Chauncey}

"it's great to have kids when your mind starts to go" {Pam/Mags}

"What did they use prior to glue? (curious minds)" {Van/Brett}

"I see we all had misspent youths!" {Pat/PQ/Ona}

"I LOVE POP ROCKS!!!!" {Pearl/fehu}

"Ooo - cake! Let me know when its ready!" {Barb/Blazing}

"I hate ironing. yuck." {figments/Kat}

"I love to iron." {joon}

"The only kind of ironing I like to do is with wax!!" {Pat/PQ/Ona}

"I really hate to iron LOL " {Junky}

"DH usually gets something or other on his shirts from my ironing exploits but I don't admit it and he doesn't seem to notice:)" {LizPlummer}

"ok really for real this time.. do not say one more funny thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" {Pearl}

"That's the advantage to all the leaves being off the trees. A good view." {Chauncey}

" everyone eating chocolate and crab legs but me???" {filigree/Liv}

"Okay, this is very strange....where did everyone go? Six hours since the last post???? " {Kimbuktu}

"Hey gals!!!! No more chatting on this thread, its dead to us." {Chauncey}

"Joonbeam, this is a great group, we'll be glad to have you. It is always positive, encouraging and supportive. Go Boomers!" {JeanHood}

Here's to 2008. It will always hold a special place in my heart. Here's to 2009.
I'm ready.

PS. Leave your best quote ID guesses in the comments section. This should be fun!


Beth said...

JOON, I absolutely loved this post, made me laugh and I remember alot of those lines.
Thanks for the big uplift.

ZudaGay said...

Hehe...we are so fun!!! I remember some of them and who said them. I remember some others but not who said them. Thanks for the memories, sweet MadiJoon!!!

Chauncey said...

hehe Joonie, this was great!! Sadly, I think I'm comment number one.

I think Janine said about it being great to have kids when your mind starts to go.

Pq only likes to iron with wax.

Barb or Nonnie gets things on DH's shirts when ironing.

We've had some fun conversations, that for sure!

joonbeam said...

This IS going to be fun - madcap, Chaunce! You better think again. You have one correct. maybe two, depending on what quote you are calling 'the first one'. The first one is right under the photo.

Keep guessing everyone! Wheeeeee!

circleinthesand said...

Joonie, this is too funny!! Thanks for the early morning giggle. When I first joined this group, I was touched at how warm and inviting and sweet everyone was to me. And, everybody is just so much darn fun!!!! Here's to 2009!!! Go Boomers!!

Liz said...

LOL What a funny post, Joon...

Mine is definitely the one about DH's shirts. He STILL didn't notice that brown mark....

Liz said...

Oh and I've got a feeling that pop rocks one is Pearl.

Precious Quilts said...

Great post Joonie! I remember a time on the BBEST thread when Alis and I had to jabber nonsense just to make it look like there were members in the group who came on to the forum. In the early days (like early 2007) life was very different! The phrase pulling hens teeth comes to mind!

BTW, I still only like ironing with wax!

Chauncey said...

Oh I see Joonie, the comment about eating my way through the last 10 days is me. Yep... me.

and you are the one that said this thread is dead to us, although that sounds like me too. :)

Kary said...

Ooo joonie!! What fun! This is a grand post!!

I have no idea who said what ... did I mention the cake?

Sixsisters said...

Joonie well done !!! We have all probably said those
lines at one time or another. What a fun blog.

~*~Pearl~*~ said...

Oh I love all of those, I’m sure I have read them but have no clue now who said the most of them……

Jean Levert Hood said...

Toooo funny Joonie!! I thought the 'eating my way through" was Chauncey, too, but, then again, i thought that all of them having to do with food or chocolate were Chauncey!!! SHe always cracks me up!

Judy Nolan said...

What a fun, wonderful post this is! I remember some of these conversations.

Pam said...

This was so clever! What a neat post. I think the last one belongs to Pat...dear Precious Quilts...I think the chocolate one is Bethypoo.....I'd have to go back and research all the others! Great job!

Diane ~ said...

Oh I Loved this posting!! And I burst out-loud laughing over...
" everyone eating chocolate & crab legs but me???"
BBEST really is the best!!!
Thank you so much Joon!!!♥

The Filigree Garden said...

A very pleasant trip down memory lane. This group is great and I hope we all ride together into 2009. :-)
PS: I would never say I like ironing. That is the only one I am sure is not me!

Anitra Cameron said...

Hee hee. I loved the one about "misspent youths". Me, I was telling someone yesterday I really regretted my well-spent youth!

Great post, but don't cry. I'm sure we'll do it all again next year!