Monday, December 15, 2008

The Boomers Are Where? asked Sally.

"Oh, Sally, I am so glad to see you! Come in! Do you remember once before I told you that Boomers and Beyond team members are almost everywhere in the world? And do you know that as of this morning early, there were 267 listings under the title: Bbest team? I just checked out the first 100 and I can't wait for you to see some of them and where the artists are located."

"This is going to be so much fun," Sally said. "Let's get started!"

Wire Wrap Jasper Bracelet

"As we look up some of these shops, I am also going to be posting them on our team blog. I have to confess, Sally, that I have a lot to learn about blog formatting! When I try to get my blog posts in a nice orderly arrangement, it never works! Things are all over the place. I'm really going to have to ask someone who knows how to do this to tell me!" I sighed.

"Don't worry," Sally comforted. "I'm sure everyone will enjoy it even if you are a messy blog poster," she laughed.

JN Originals Rebecca Bag

Cardinal Christmas Cards

Moth or butterfly Window decal

Butterflies IV - Fine Art Card

Native American Blue Iris and
Purple Fan Earrings

Raku Incense Burner

Camelot Mother of Pearl Earrings

Victorian Christening Gown
Sussex, UK

Willow Eye Candy Homemade Soap

Fabric Origami Peace Crane

Blue Butterflies

Calypso Earrings

Modern Silver and turquoise Arrowhead Necklace
New Mexico

Tina Brown and Blue Batik and Beaded Bag
New York

Nefertiti Copper Lampwork Necklace and Earrings Set

Iris Original Painting
North Carolina

Wildflower Coasters

Shawneee River Original Watercolor

Asian Coins and Crystal Earrings

Fleece Hat and Scarf

Lavender Gardens Earrings

Magnetic Needle Nabber

  • Chicken Strut Original Oil Painting
  • Texas

    Female Cardinal

    Red Poinsettia Focal Bead Pendant

    Magnolia Christmas
    North Carolina

    Lucky Ladybug

  • "Wow!" exclaimed Sally. "These are all so beautiful, and look at all those states and countries that have Boomers and Beyond in them."

    "Oh, that isn't even the half of it! Boomers are everywhere, and I wish we had time to look for all of them. They are all so talented, and they make such lovely things, and use so many different media to do it! I'll tell you what. You just keep on looking while I stir up something chocolate! The Boomers will be pleased to know that you and I are eating chocolate while we look up all their shops! Chocolate is one of the favorite topics when they get together and chat! Just type in Bbest team in the Search box, and click on will take you to all the listings....and meanwhile, I'll grab that spoon and mixing bowl and .....


Asianexpressions said...

Awesome post for Boomers from all over the places!

ZudaGay said...

I think it is so fun to tell friends that I talked to someone from UK, Boston and Florida this morning. Thanks Pam!!! Great post!

Judy Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful idea and WOW that is a lot of team members! Lovely items displayed -- want to shout out to our shared team member Uyen of Asian Expressions who makes beautiful items. We certainly enjoy her on the Big Sky Montana Team!

Judy Elizabeth
of Judy Elizabeth's Flock

Jean Levert Hood said...

This is toooo fun!! Thank you for including my piece on the travels!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! All kinds of eye candy! We really enjoy Uyen of Asian Expressions on our Big Sky Montana Team. Be sure to check out her shop!

of For The Cross Jewelry

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Thank you for including my bracelet.
What a beautiful collections from the boomers.


The Filigree Garden said...

Another fun post! Thank for including me in this fantastic roster!

On a Whimsey said...

Wonderful post!!!! Don't forget we have members even further afield in Sweden too!

Thanks so much for including PQ's christening robe.

jstinson said...

Great post! Mvto and Wa-do (Thank you in Creek and Cherokee) for including my Fan Fare Earrings. You and the rest are the very Bbest!

Pam said...

Thanks for letting all of us know about Sweden! My original goal was to include all 50 states and every country, but I was afraid that post might have been too long. Maybe another time, I can see what locations weren't represented this time! Boomers are everywhere!!

joonbeam said...

Pam, this is wonderful. It is impossible to include every single place. You did a fantastic job. Those of us who are regulars know about our worldwide members. When I search 'bbest team' I get almost 7500 listings, though. Talk about a search! HA Love your choices. Thanks, again, for another great post. I know it took you a lot of time. ox joonie

Chauncey said...

Pam, that was wonderful! You really did so much work to give us such a fabby blog post. thank you!

QuirkyDolls said...

I love the first item the best - very pretty and I love a variety of browns = it will go with most anything!

Carol Dean said...

Chocolate!!! :D

Thanks for letting me represent New Mexico here!!