Monday, December 29, 2008

The Painter's Eye

As human beings we have unique views of the world that are framed by our individual sets of life experiences, and are influenced by our personal perceptions of color and texture. We are somewhat limited by the way our brains interpret what we see. We can never truly know how others view the world. However, through the talents of artists we can catch glimpses of visual viewpoints beyond our own. They capture the essences of beauty and touches of whimsy that are present in our mutual daily experience and express them within their own framework of understanding.

Artistic expression can take many forms: painting and sketching, collage, 3-dimensional forms, photography, and textile arts are just a few. Today let's take a look at the painter's eye within our Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team (BBEST).

An artist's toolbox may include oil paints, watercolors, pastels, pens, colored pencils, charcoals, or acrylics. Members of the BBEST team have employed all these tools in the course of creating their works of art. Each artist has a certain special, often identifiable style. The themes of their pieces incorporate elements to which we can all relate, such as scenes from nature, animals, or familiar landscapes. They may also evoke childhood memories or explore inner feelings. Below are just a few examples of the wonderful art works you will find when you search for BBEST art on Etsy.

Poppies in My Front Yard by Kate of Heron Kate captures the beauty of garden flowers (acrylic on canvas)

Inside and Out by Diane Clancy is done in the style of Matisse, and bridges the inner and outer worlds to create a feeling of harmony and peace.

Renee of Fauve Studio brings the rich colors of landscapes to life in her custom oil paintings, like this French Lavender Landscape.

Abstract oil painting Sun Worship was created by Marion of Purely Painting to "reflect the joy we feel on a perfect summers' day, when the sun is high in a sky of perfect blue."

A Vase Full of Spring Lilacs by Carol of Yankeegirl employs watercolors to remind us of the fragrance of fresh flowers.

Judy of Backroom Treasures uses acrylics to create custom portraits of our furry friends, such as this Papillion Dog.

Watercolor painting Birch Creek by Melanie of The Creators Palette brings to mind those relaxing and peaceful natural places that we recall with fondness.

Joan of Sixsisters and Fairy Frond stirs memories of childhood with her Neighborhood Girl series (left), and takes flights of fancy into the fairy realm with fantasy paintings such as Exuberance (right).

Sometimes art delves into the inner self and explores elements of our personalities. Brett of Van Fleet Street Designs creates unique characters with her series of faces like Frellin Dorkins.

Jean Levert Hood's oil paintings, such as Chicken Strut, are vibrant celebrations of nature.

Pat of On A Whimsey introduces us to encaustic art with paintings like Awakening Number 1. She explains, "Encaustic art is created using beeswax which has been melted and worked with heated tools to create individual effects. To protect the wax surface this painting has been painted with a wax sealer to stop it scratching."Several BBEST artists apply their painting talents to fabric. Janine of Althea Peregrine and Klaire of Mystic Silks both use silk as a base for their beautiful art works.

Left: Silk Chiffon Balloon Scarf, Althea Peregrine
Right: Fickle Winds, Mystic Silks

We usually think of painting on canvas or paper, but paint can be applied to wood, synthetics, and even stone. Brett of Van Fleet Street Designs adds her unique style to wood in her Frido Kahlo Nicho (left), while Elizabeth of Paintdrops employs a folk style to decorate a wooden Birdhouse (right).

Berit of Clinging Images applies paint to the vinyl window clings she designs, as in this Butterfly Suncatcher (left), and Carla of Carla's Creations uses acrylic paints on Oregon river rock to create lively forest creatures, such as this sweet Fawn (right).

Sometimes art reminds us to keep positive thoughts and follow our dreams, as in this colorful pencil drawing from Diane of DB Hoyle Art.

Good words to remember for 2009!

Be sure to visit these artists on a regular basis
to see their latest inspirations!


Chauncey said...

Liv, a fabulous post. Our group has such amazing talent and you put together a beautiful collection. Thanks for all that hard work!

joonbeam said...

Beautiful, fil! What an eclectic sampling of some of the fabulous artwork our bbest friends produce. Thanks for another terrific post.

marion said...

Great post, Liv, thanks for including my work!

On a Whimsey said...

Gosh! What a wonderful post showing off BBEST artists amongst whom I am honoured to be featured too!! Thank you so much.

Kary said...

What a fabulous post with trememdous artists featured! WOW!

yankeegirl said...

Great post, Liv!! So well written and you selected a wonderful variety of art to really showcase our Team!!

Thanks so much for including my Lilacs!!

ZudaGay said...

Wonderful post, Liv!! I love your writing, well done!! What a fabulous selection of walking through a gallery.

Beth said...

Talented artists in our group. Beautifully done.

Sixsisters said...

This is terrific Liv ! I agree with Zuda . It is like a
private tour of a gallery. Thanks so much for
highlighting BBEST artists.

ginabee said...

What eye candy! Love it*

MagdaleneJewels said...

You definitely choose the Best of the Bbest. You captured all my favorite artists and the particular paintings of their's that I love.
Great Blog!

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This is a wonderful post, thanks for all the hard work, Liv !! And I am honored to be included !!

~*~Pearl~*~ said...

Wow what an amazing bunch!!! Awesome job liv!!

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Wonderful post, Liv. I love seeing all the gorgeous work by BBEST painters.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Fil, thank you sooo much for including my piece in this wonderful post! Such great pieces to see here. Of course, we'd expect those wonderful talents to be among the great boomers, right!!! I love BBEST!!

AltheaP said...

What a beautiful collection, Liv. Thanks so much for including my work. You know, when you think of it, canvas is also a fabric . . .

Rose said...

Great post! A wonderful collection of the diversity in painting found amoung the BBEST members! Great show!

Pam said...

What beautiful pieces you chose to reflect the talents, creativity, media, colors, and ideas of these Bbest artists! I love them all! Great post, Liv!

Brett Ward said...

Awww Liv, thank you for including my work in this really great "gallery". You're the bomb!