Wednesday, December 17, 2008

C is For .......

Now, don't you think I'd be a fool not to say that C is for CHRISTMAS?  You have to admit that it is an absolute gift reaching the letter C in the middle of December!  The problem is that there are just too many Christmas choices to make when searching through the Bbest team listings. I decided that I would have to stick to a plan, so here it is. 

Firstly we need to decorate the house!  Where better to look than clingingimages?  Here you will find a good selection of window clings just waiting to advertise the holiday season.  This is just one of them:

You'll find it HERE, and wouldn't it grace any window?
So the decorations are up, and hopefully you have shopped Bbest for all your Christmas presents, but they now have to be wrapped.  Small is often so beautiful, so why not choose these from greenwillow for your little gifts:
 These delightful little bags would grace any tree, and add to the recipient's delight.  You can find them here, and by visiting the shop there are more choices of design.
So. the house is decorated, the tree decked and presents wrapped.  Christmas morning arrives and in the midst of all the celebration there is one thing youneed more than anything.  Yes, you've guessed it, it's that first cup of the day!  Whether it is tea, coffee, or another begerage, it's a fact that that first one is the best!  So why not continue the celebrations by having these delightful little mats to protect your Christmas surfaces.
blazingneedles has used her skills to their best effect in these lovely little items.  Don't they look good?  Bring them out year after year for festive cheer.

As always the festivities are over too soon.  However, memories are there to be cherished.  Photographs, lists, anecdotes..... they should all be recorded, looking back is never a bad thing with happy memories.  Why not keep them all together?  bbdesigns is offering you the ideal solution.
You have to admit that this Christmas Journal would be the ideal place to keep it all together.   With 40 pages and a cover made from handmade paper it will be a joy for years to come.
Enjoy your Christmas, wherever you are, and if you don't celebrate have a time of peace and make the most of any rest you may be able to squeeze in.

Now don't limit yourselves just to these choices, don't forget that you can do a search at any time on Etsy and you are sure of outstanding results.  Click here to find the current results for Bbest and Christmas.


blazingneedles said...

Hey - Thanks for including my mugrugs! They are in such great company in your post.


Sixsisters said...

Great Chtistmasy items Myfanway !

Chauncey said...

cool post with great choices, Myfanwy!

AltheaP said...

Another great story from Myfanwy The Prolific!

Beth said...

which one to choose from???

Pam said...

Very nice post, Myfawny! What a nice way to present items we could use at Christmas. Lovely choices! Gret job! Thanks for your creativity.