Friday, December 5, 2008

Meet the Boomers!

AlisClair's busy life has been keeping her off the computer lately, but she graciously took the time to be interviewed for the Meet the Boomers series. 

What is/are the name of your shop?  Alis Clair

What kind of items do you sell? I sell all the things that give me joy to make. These days that is mostly Collage or Textile Art.  Anything from art on canvas to soft wall hangings. Soft furnishings to textile jewellery.

How long have you been engaged in your art/craft? Well now that is a difficult question to answer. I have been crafting and making arty things all my life. I made traditional (except for the funky colours) teddy bears by hand for nearly 10 years. I swapped to collage about 6 years ago and restarted textile art (I used to do textile art about 15 years ago) in the last 2 years. I love to combine lots of different mediums to get the look I want.

Do you consider yourself a hobbyist or a professional craftsperson? I think I am more than a hobbyist but a little less than a professional craftsperson. Not sure what that makes me other than happy!

Alis What inspires you?  I am surrounded by the most wonderful scenery here in Devon, so most of my inspiration comes from there. Fields, walls, trees and anything to do with the coast and sea inspire me. I love to garden and cultivate flowers so they figure heavily too.

Please share with us what a typical day is like in your workshop or studio. I don’t really have a typical day; it really depends on what I will be doing that day. I always have a long “to do” list and look at that first. If I need a specific colour of fabric for a project and don’t have it to hand, I will get out my paints and brushes and have a painting day. On those days I will paint anything and everything I can get my hands on. The cat and the dog have learned to disappear at these times. I love to play on my sewing machine or sew beads on to my work, so lots of the time that is what I can be found doing. If it is a collage I am going to work on, my desk and surrounding areas can be found under papers, fabrics, buttons, beads and many found objects. I do try to work from about 10 am to 4 pm but, of course those hours include me reading blogs, answering e-mails and parceling up items for the post. I love my studio and love to play in it.

Alis2 What keeps you company while you’re working on a project? Music. Any music. Loud music. My neighbors think I am crackers anyway (artists just are!) I sing along at the top of my voice. Actually I am not a bad singer but I must get on peoples' nerves in the summer with the windows and doors open. My dog, cat, and husband enjoy it so that is all that matters. lips

What is your favorite 'task' related to your art/craft? Anything to that has to do with my sewing machine and beads!

What is your least favorite 'task' related to your art/craft? Getting things done in a particular time frame. I work in a very random manner and can get sidetracked at a drop of a hat, so sticking to a deadline is a nightmare.

What are some of the venues you use to promote your shop/ware? Hmm I really don’t promote enough. The main ones, though, are my blog, my website and Etsy forums, especially the BBEST forum. BBEST is the only Etsy team I am a member of, it is just the best team there is. I have just got some of my work accepted to a local gallery here in Devon and will be promoting Etsy there.

Related to your craft, tell us about a funny, strange or unusual situation you found yourself. My whole life is funny, strange and unusual; I put it down to my arty family.

Do you have any favorite books, movies, music? My favourite book is Decipher by Stev Pavlou. It is a fantasy based on some fact and I feel like I am watching a movie when I read it. It has a lovely ending too. My favourite movie of the moment is Chicago. I love the music and dancing. Yes, of course I sing along. Music --  well Alis3any music played loudly. I love to play Baroque and then switch to Rock. But of course the best are the tunes you can sing along to.

Would you care to share any 'words of wisdom' with other aspiring artists or crafters? Just love what you create. If you really enjoy what you do, your joy of it will shine through to others.

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Gunnels blog said...

Hi Alis -:) I like to read about you and your works. And now I know you love to sing too !! And thanks for good adwice when I was new here on Etsy !!!

Precious Quilts said...

Alis is a wonderfully understated person who is very talented and a pleasure to know. I have to thank the BBEST team for giving me the opportunity to 'meet' Alis. I love her work and am proud to count her as a friend!
Thank you for another great interview allowing an insight to one of our original team members ;)

Myfanwy said...

Hey Alis! We've missed you! Hurry back when you can. A worthy interviewee! I have a piece of her work - I love it.

circleinthesand said...

What a fun article...I enjoyed "meeting" you. I giggled at your comments about singing very loudly. I, too, love music, I have something playing all the time!!!

ZudaGay said...

Hi Alis!! Great interview!! It is always a pleasure to see you and getting to know you a bit better is a treat!

Pam said...

Alis, what a delight to learn morea about you. Your pieces are always so interesting and intriguing, and you have such a talent for combining things. The piece at the beginning of your interview is beautiful! It is great to "meet" you and learn what inspires you in your work. Wonderful post.

Alis said...

Thank you all so much for your lovely words and to Jannine for a great interview.
I miss you all very much, my studio is quiet without you ;0)

Jill said...

Alis, thank you for alowing us to see your lovely work.

joonbeam said...

I love that you sing out loud! I don't sing well but I sing sometimes. Maybe I'll get braver. Scout and Evan swear I have a nice voice. But then, they are so biased. I'll keep you posted. :) Thanks for a lovely interview! Have you seen Lars and the Real Girl? Do.

Chauncey said...

Alis!!! So good to read all about you. Wonderful interview!