Monday, November 2, 2009

W is for.........

While thinking about my blog post I was thinking of the alphabet and came up with "W".  I have no idea why but it seems like a great letter to work with since Winter is coming and we needs lots of Warm items.  First item that comes to mind would be WWWWool........we have some BBester that create some yarns like


KITCHEN SINK BATTZ (tm) icelandic wool colorful mohair locks glitz 4.8 oz

and Sassalynne

Sassa Lynne Serendipity, cotton knitting yarn, hand dyed, Double Knitting, Sports Weight, Blue, Pink, Grey

And of course all the WWWwarm and cozy items you get with all this yarn for WWWinter.


Caramel Brown Crochet Scarflette


Mixed Beige and Ivory Crocheted Scarf


Hebrew Baby Name Blanket


Sage Baby Moccasins 0-6 mo.


Beautiful Handknit Poncho



Light Blue Cloche, Juliet Cap, adorable squiggles of pink, green and yellow

We have some jewelry that can remind us of yarn and also remind us that WWWwinter is definately on the way.


Knit One


Wintry Day Tree Fused Dichroic Glass Pendant


Pearl Snowman Earrings


Native American Beaded Earrings (Snow Flakes)


Copper Snowflake

So no matter what your take is on "W" mine means Winter, Warm and Wonderful items from the BBEST team.


Linda said...

Great post, Bethy, and terrific selections.

yankeegirl said...

Perfect feature for the second day of November. Beautiful, warm creations!!

Sixsisters said...

I need all of these lol. Great post Bethy.

joon said...

WWWonderful for sure, Bethy. Thanks for a Monday morning WOW!

Chauncey said...

yay Bethy, great post on Warm, Wonderful and Wicked good things from the bbest team. Thanks for including me.

ZudaGay said...

They are all wonderful!!!And a wonderful post, Bethy!

heronkate said...

Woo woo wonderful ! I love those little booties !

On a Whimsey said...

WRrrrrrilliant post full of winter warmers! Super selection!

jstinson said...

I enjoyed your blog and want to thank you for including my Snowflake Earrings. I am hoping that they are the only snowflakes I see all winter...but of course that is only wishful thinking. Enjoyed all of the featured items. Warm wishes to all.

Judy Nolan said...

Timely post! I think this wwwinter will be a cold one. Thanks for including my scarflette!

MagdaleneJewels said...

What a Wonder Way to start the Winter with all the Woolen goodies in your Wonderful blog. Did I use enough "W's"?
Each item is perfect to help us through those chilly days to come. Even wearing Chancey's pendant while we are all knitting and crocheting. Thanks for adding my little baby booties to your Bbest choices.

gloria said...

Wonderful blog post!!

blazingneedles said...

Yea for W's!! Beautiful post, and thanks for including my blanket.

Nancy said...

Wonderful blog as we approach the cold season of Winter. Thanks so much for including me.
:-) Katzie

The Filigree Garden said...

Cozy selections for the coming cold weather!

Judi B said...

Super blog post on some lovely items, Bethy!

Fused Glass said...

Just saw this blog....and what a wonderful one....I didn't realize that winter has so much going for it.....Thanks for including my copper snowflake!