Friday, October 30, 2009

At Home with BBEST

Our homes are our castles, our refuges from the hustle and bustle of the world, and our sources of nourishment and relief from stress. They are places where we gather with family and friends to share laughter and create happy memories. It is no wonder that our homes need to be not only physically comfortable, but also filled with colors and textures that are visually pleasing and expressive of our personalities. Does your home reflect who you are? Does the decor soothe your soul, bring you joy, and make you feel rejuvenated? If not, then it may be time to give your home a new look.

Bringing a sense of sanctuary to your home need not be expensive or time-consuming. Here are a few suggestions for simple changes that can bring a new perspective to you and your living area:

  • Use color to set the mood. Paint a wall or a cabinet in a new tone; add an accent piece in a favorite hue, or experiment with a new one. Choose colors that appeal to you and that evoke a sense of well-being. Display colorful, translucent items, such as glasses or bottles, in sunlit areas to bring in splashes of color.
  • Remove rugs to reveal wood floors, or add colorful scatter rugs to break up large expanses of bare flooring. Layer area rugs over wall-to-wall carpet to give dimension to single-color areas.
  • Rearrange existing furniture and accessories; move them into different rooms for a new perspective. Regroup items or remix for a less uniform look. Take furniture from attics and basements and slipcover if needed.
  • Get a new frame for an existing picture; paint or decoupage an old frame to give it personality.
  • Dig into storage and bring out pictures, knick-knacks, and memorabilia that have been locked away.
  • Display a collection, or assemble one based on a theme that inspires or soothes you.
  • Create a sense of light and warmth with candles or additional lamps. Move lights from unused areas to illuminate often used rooms. Give a favorite lamp a new shade to refresh its appearance. Clean glass shades and sconces for sparkle.
  • Use a variety of textures and shapes when decorating. Table linens, pillows, throws, glassware and pottery add dimension to plain spaces.
  • Bring nature indoors with fresh flowers or plants, water features, wood accessories, shells, wicker baskets, or patterns reflecting the natural world.
  • Banish clutter and clean out the corners. Sort through those piles of papers and magazines that provoke feelings of being overwhelmed. Put away items that are no longer being used or that remind you of negative emotions.
  • Add handmade or vintage items for a relaxed and personal feel. Accents that have character and individuality speak to us on a deeper level, and kindle positive feelings. 
Whatever changes you make in your home, remember to keep them a reflection of you and your family. Use decorating magazines and books as inspiration, but let your heart guide you in creating a loving and comforting space that will welcome you home each day.

BBEST has many wonderful accents for every room in your home.

Floral accessories and cheerful colors brighten
and bring nature into the bedroom.

Distinctive lighting, hand painted and vintage accessories
create a delicious dining experience.

Unity Pattern 12 Panel Multi Color Lamp
by Diana's Creations

Vintage Tidbit Tray, Green with Leaf Pattern by USA Pottery
from Sweet Rice

Hand Painted Grape Wine Glasses
by Glitz n Glass

Original Lavender Watercolor
by The Creators Palette

Vintage Fire King Gold-edged Dinner Plates
from By The Wayside

Deep colors, wood tones and eclectic desk accessories
are elements of a soothing office area.

Shawnee River Original Painting Watercolor
by Mystic Silks

Deep Dark Pink Porcelain Vase
by Aquarian Pottery Works

Vintage Fairy Tales Book - Illustrated Hans Christian Andersen
from Vintage Legacy Studio

Prairie Lamp
by Nonnie's Treasures

Vintage Art Deco Clock Hammond Junior Black Bakelite
from Junkyard Gypsy

Fabric-covered Vintage Apron Print Mouse Pad
by Scottie Acres Boutique

Fun and fresh, blue and white in the kitchen 
brings in the colors of the sky and sea.

White Fish Hooked Rug
by Beth Anderson

Maple Leaf Candy Plate
by Artsie Lady

Country Cottage Crocheted Cotton Table Mat
by JN Originals

Stoneware Shaker
by Fehu Stoneware

Blue Koi Silk Painting
by Janine Maves

Bottlescape I Fine Art Print
by Diane Clancy's Art


Judy Nolan said...

These are wonderful suggestions, Liv, for adding new life to rooms in our homes that need a facelift. I can picture what each room might look like with the items you highlighted. Great post!

circleinthesand said...

Great Post!! Our homes are indeed our special places, and I love all your suggestions for making them our personal space!! Beautiful items everybody - ya'll are truly a talented group!!!

Beth said...

great feature. The items you featured would definately make your home brighter.

Sixsisters said...

Wish I could afford to have all of these lovely pieces in my home. Great post.

blazingneedles said...

What great picks! I want them all.

Judi B said...

Wonderful ideas for home decorating and renewing our spaces -- especially this time of the year when we always have more family and friends in for the holidays!

ZudaGay said...

Wonderful post full of great ideas. Thank you, Liv!! Such beautiful items...I want them all!

heronkate said...

Yes, almost all of these things would just look super in my home. What a great post !!

Myfanwy said...

I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for pointing us towards so many lovely objects.

MagdaleneJewels said...

As the winter comes upon us, we do spend more time inside. What better way to enjoy the indoors with these beautiful ideas and items you listed!