Thursday, October 15, 2009

Old World Charm for a New World Life

This week we've been chatting on the thread quite a bit about the drawbacks of current trends, morals, customer service and products. For about a month now I've been looking for a new can opener that isn't a piece of inferior junk that will drive me crazy. Sadly, nowadays, this is a daunting task. Well, you all know how I feel about fate... So here goes.

Last Thursday morning our Boston Sweethearts walked in our door surprising us beyond belief. They were here for 4 short days. On Saturday we were to travel about an hour away for some famous Barbecue. Unfortunately, I had an infection, needed to go to the after hours clinic which took up Saturday morning and messed up those plans. The half of the family in Georgetown went along. The half at our house couldn't. We did manage to take our clan to the marvelous Top Notch {the burger joint in Dazed and Confused which is still run by the same family} and then Culver's for frozen custard sundaes. On the way home I suggested we drop by the local Restaurant Supply Store. It's a groovy one. You never know what you'll find in there. Well, I spied these can openers and I recognized the Swing-a-Way name from way back when. I haven't seen one of these in forever. I was saddened when I checked the package and saw those three little words which strike fear in the hearts of housewives: Made in China.

I noticed a red handle in back of the line up. So much groovier than black. I sighed. Then I noticed something else. The packages in back were different from those in front. Sure enough, lo and behold, we read the fine print and there it was: Made in U.S.A. Score! Evan compared them and, you guessed it, there is a distinct difference in the construction and quality between the two models. So for the high end price of $7.15 I am now the ecstatic owner of a can opener that works like a breeze and I am sure will bring me smiles for the next umpteen years.

I rarely get this lucky, but occasionally we do find these old stock treasures {my sewing needles come to mind} in funky, locally owned hardware or 5 & 10 Stores. But there's a much easier way to find quality household items and these have something more. That something is not easily described, but quite readily felt. It's called soul. When you find that, you've found lightning in a bottle. Personality and charm are not only found in oddments. Everyday, useful items from the past are unique and bring that rare quality you will never find in Costco, Wal Mart or Target ~ simple happiness. Try it. You'll love it.

The holiday season is before us and while we think about handmade when we think of etsy ~ and that's fantastic ~ remember the good old days are here as well. So today I am featuring a few of our BBEST members who join me and offer vintage goods. There are always people in our friend or family circle who may not fit the handmade gift category. You can still save the earth, support your etsy friends and delight those you love with unique and useful gifts with heart.

I feature here just a few household items from a sampling of our members, but there are many more surprises in our shops ~ jewelry, clothing, ephemera & more. Simply search vintage or supplies adding the bbest team label. Or, click on one of the links below and take off from there. I hope you enjoy this small journey.


Sit yourself down with a lovely
cup of tea and start your
browsing right here...

Old Sewing Supplies and Notions

A Treasure Trove of hard-to-find items
all in their own tin.

Vintage Legacy Studio

Groovy Hand Mixer ~ Channel Julia Child!

California Pottery

This is where it's at, isn't it?
How perfect for the holidays.


salt& pepper shaker set

And will you ever buy something new
with this kind of personality & history?
You save the earth and so much more
when you support your BBEST friends'
Vintage & Supply Shops.
Useful, pretty, unusual, character ...
oh, and the items have all that too!

By The Wayside

1970s Fanciful Trivet

Until next time...



joon said...

I would be remiss if I did not include this: The sweet Georgetown contingency brought us back 4 pounds of BBQ and fixins for our evening meal. Everything worked out just fine. :)

ZudaGay said...

Yummm BBQ!!! Such wonderful finds, Joonie!! What a beautiful tea cup!

trimsandbows said...

Great post! Thanks for bringing on the memories!!

Beth said...

Love walking down memory lane with you....nice story.

Sixsisters said...

So glad you bought that can opener. I hate the electric
ones. I am also glad it is made in the USA.
Another great blog Joonie.

circleinthesand said...

OH!! I love this. I'm a sucker for Vintage anything. Why oh why can't things be like they used to be?? Awesome items here. I have to admit - that hand mixer doesn't look familiar, not sure if I've ever seen one like that. Everything is sooo cool!! Great article Joonie!!

Judy Nolan said...

These vintage finds are always fun to discover. Thanks for sharing a few of them, Joon!