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This is part two in our tribute series, and today we honor Joon. Joon goes by many other names – Joonbeam, Joonwalk, JoonE, The Flying Housewife, to name a few. Each of her etsy shop names describes a facet of her personality and her causes in life. That personality is a fascinating one, and her causes are noble and responsible ones in this world of waste.

Joon is a mother, a wife, a teacher and friend. She is a grandmother too, though her youthful face doesn't reflect that. She is honorable, honest and true to her beliefs. What comes to mind when I think of Joon? Champion of what’s morally right. Resourceful. Kind. Laughing. Fun. Full of life.

Joon respects and loves traditional family values and concepts. She values her family above all. One of her strong beliefs is that her children should have the best possible education in the best possible environment. Though “retired” from teaching, she home-schools her daughter, Scout. To Joon, this is not a "task." Home-schooling is a dedication, a gift of love, a way of life for the Wilkinsons. Joon and her family tackle together every challenge with a “can-do” attitude.
Joon is justifiably very proud of every family member, and is daughter Scout’s biggest champion, especially when it comes to her creativity—writing, singing, drawing, etc.

Joon is a natural writer and a gifted one at that. She is currently working on her first novel, and we will all be able to say, one day very soon, “We knew her when…” Her creative, descriptive writing style brings the most mundane events to life and make them special in a very unique way. She says about life, “I am here to share my stories of this journey we call life. Stranger than fiction never had it so good. My love affair with words and all things good starts here.”

For instance, “Joon – Keeping it Weird: Tales from the Road.” Joon has traveled throughout much of her adult life, living in many places for short periods of time. She has met many people along the way and has made many friends. She has never forgotten a single one. She says, " I have this dream of taking a leisurely trip around our country. Along the way I will meet and chat with people...People from all walks of life with life experiences to share. That would be heavenly. And I'd write a book and share the stories with the world. But I cannot do that right now. Maybe not ever. So I am starting here. Making connections, shortening the distance with words on paper. And on a smaller scale."

Joon is referring to her "hand-written letter revival." In an age where letter-writing is fast becoming a thing of the past, pushed aside by the world of computers, e-mail and texting, Joon harkens back to the age when we linked to each other and communicated via the written word. She realized that in this world of high technology and speed there is little time left for real, genuine, meaningful communication. Not the quick one-liner text or e-mail, but a proper letter. Taking the time to sit and think about what to write, what news to impart, and taking time to inquire about the other person and make them feel that they matter. Joon writes real, hand-written letters – to total strangers who, not surprisingly, become strangers no longer by the time the correspondence has been completed. Each letter is unique, special, a one-of-a-kind, crafted especially for the receiver. Joon also includes little extras with each letter such as original homemade recipes. This extra touch helps to make the receiver feel special. What a lovely, unique idea!

Along Joon’s journey through this life, she has made and continues to make a major contribution – She wastes nothing. There is nothing thrown out that isn’t rescued and fashioned into something charming, useful and wonderful. It’s called “upcycling,” and as far as I am concerned, Joon invented the word. In Joon’s own words, “Saving the planet through art, one step at a time, because environment is everything,” says it all. Her shop, "Joonbeam," features "Recycled Art with Heart."

Joon is passionate about the planet on which we live, as she states in her profile in her shop. She says, “I am a writer and an artist but, primarily, I have been a homemaker and caretaker forever. I love scissors. I upcycle, recycle and reuse our culture’s plethora of consumer waste and discards and repurpose it into unique and useful pleasures for our future. Because environment is everything.”

One of my favorite stories is the one describing her hand-crafted mailbox. The mailbox at her home in Texas was originally an older mailbox, serviceable, intact, a bit small for magazines since they always arrived folded from being crammed into this mailbox, but acceptable. Joon wasn’t going to have just an “acceptable” mailbox. She was going to have a mailbox that greets her and her family home. She describes in her blog how she came upon the idea and the materials to create a lovely, meaningful, purposeful and honorable mailbox. Through a series of events, which she calls “destiny,” she stumbled upon a wire basket which she acquired for pennies. A few days later she discovered a vintage Little Golden Book for, again, mere pennies. A few days after that, she flipped through the little book and found just the right page, the illustration just the right size, with the perfect text. She dressed up the magazine rack label space with a collage on coordinating paper. By the time Joon completed the project, the mailbox was a work of art!

Did I say that Joon loves to cook? Not just ordinary dishes, but special ones. Many of her special dishes are described in her blog, along with the recipes (

Another of my favorite stories is the one about the day she left a very special package for her mailman. Here is what she said:

"Do you love to surprise people who make your day in simple ways? I do. Do you hope they'll like your surprise? I do. I told you I LoVe my mailman. He said he thought this was mail. He was looking for a stamp. Those of you who have received packages from me know this makes perfect sense. I asked him can he eat this? Oh yes, I can eat it. Do you think this made me happier than I made him? I do."

Joon makes life just a little bit better for those people who are lucky enough to know her.
There you have it. "Joon – Stronger than pain!"

Thank you, Joon, for your friendship, and for your contribution and leadership of our BBEST Team this past year.

Contributing to this blog were Pat (On a Whimsey) and Judy (JN Originals).
Stay tuned for Part 3!


Judy Nolan said...

Excellent summary about Joon, without whom our lives would be less rich. :-) I love the stories you share about her here--and Joon, thanks for everything you did this past year!

On a Whimsey said...

Wonderful post about Joon. Certainly you have captured the essence that is 'Joon'. Thank you!

circleinthesand said...

Super article about a totally wonderful lady!! Joonie, you're awesome!!

Yankeegirl said...

What a great feature, Nonnie!! I feel that I know Joon a little bit better and that is a good thing.

Kary said...

Awesome lady! Awesome post!

Sixsisters said...

Joonie is a woman full of talent that is for sure !!!
Loved the post Nonnie

ZudaGay said...

Oh, what wonderful feature!!! Joonie we love you!!!!

Beth said...

Beautiful tribute for our Joonie. She's one of a kind.

Chauncey said...

One of a kind is right. I have always said I would like to vacation in joonie's head. She is smart, so very clever, insightful, and has a fabulous sense of humor.

Great post about a great person. Thanks joonie for all you did for the team and for being such a bbest friend.

joon said...

You all are too much ~ including the wonderfully talented feature writer, Nonnie. This is so lovely, I am certain I will spend the rest of eternity in an attempt to live up to this tribute.

I treasure my bbest team friends. You all have changed my life for the better. I can't imagine the time before I knew you. And boy is that a good thing.

oxox to all

{and always sweet dreams}

joon joonie :)

MagdaleneJewels said...

Thanks for a great blog on a great person who has contributed so much to our Bbest blogs and just her chats as well. She truly is talented, and thanks for sharing just that little extra about her we never knew. Can't wait to see the "Author" Joon!

The Filigree Garden said...

What a wonderful glimpse into dear Joon's life, art and family! Riding along with Joon on her daily travels is always a treat.

Yes, when is that book coming out? ;-)

Anitra Cameron said...

What a great article! Thank you for letting us get to know Joon. Now when I think of her, I'll see her face, and think of all the lovely things you've told us.

blazingneedles said...

What a lovely tribute to a lovely woman!