Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Tribute to the BBEST Leaders in the World!

This month, September, is Tribute Month. We will pay tribute to our fearless leaders – Chauncey, Joon and Joan, aka Six. They have done a fabulous job over the past year, and they deserve to be lauded.

Some of our BBEST team members have shared their thoughts and memories with me about these ladies and the events of the past year. Those thoughts and memories have been captured here.

This first post is dedicated to our one and only Chauncey, whose "real" name is The Chauncenator. Chauncey and her husband, Ed, live in Philadelphia, PA. Chauncey loves to ride a motorcycle with Ed. She is not as fond, however, of Ed's other interest...the Tour de not so much.

How to describe Chauncey? She is diplomatic, patient and fair. She's a good listener and has a tremendous sense of humor. One thing you learn as you get older and wiser is that a sense of humor will conquer all. Well, many of us have to be grateful for this attribute when being faced with adverse situations. A good sense of humor gets us through the hoop, so to speak. Chauncey’s dry humor has sustained various BBEST team members in difficult situations over the past year.

An example of Chauncey’s sense of humor is in her tale of the friendly neighborhood squirrel who kept eyeing up her beloved prize, the one and only tomato that had been painstakingly nurtured from birth. I think the squirrel won that time!

When I think of Chauncey and her wonderful smile, the word that comes to mind is "happiness," as exemplified in these wonderful earrings created by her.


While she is a talented glass artist -- cold and warm glass both (she specializes in fused glass) -- Chauncey is actually also a talented graphic artist and accomplished photographer, as you can see from two examples below:

View of Philadelphia from the Ben Franklin Bridge

Philadelphia at Daybreak

Chauncey is fun to be with, too! Here are Chauncey and a few BBEST Friends at the Charles DORKENS statue! (And that's another hilarious story!)

People come to Chauncey for advice...all the time. In fact, she has so many people who seek her help and advice that she cannot be without her cell phone for one second!

"Yes, dear!"

What? Out of Power?????

Chauncey does have lots of adventures. For instance, not too long ago this summer, Chauncey attracted a stalker. She was coming home from her brother's house and, while she was stopped at a red light, the stalker attacked. He actually jumped on to her car windshield and hung on for the whole 10-minute ride while Chauncey remained cool and calm, continued to drive while he hung on like a hood ornament until she arrived home safely where she could summon help from Ed. When she pulled the car to a stop at her house, the stalker jumped off. Do you think he accosted her right then and there?, he just hopped away, as grasshoppers will do!

Chauncey's wonderful turn of phrase often has us all laughing our socks off. No less when she described her annual visits to the horror House of Clowns. Once a year she kindly offers to look after her friend's house and resident kitties while her friends are away on holiday. There is one problem, though -- Clowns! There are loads of them all over the house, watching, waiting, lurking! Our esteemed Chauncey has to brave the eyes each time! But, good will triumph over bad – Chocolate to the rescue! TADA! Ah....that's better, nothing sweeter than a rich, smooth chocolate bar to sooth the troubled soul. Even better? M&Ms!

Several of us first met Chauncey for the first time at a weekend gathering in Boston in May 2008. As a result of that fun weekend together, there were additional follow-up visits to Philadelphia. Chauncey hosted several of us over a weekend in the City of Brotherly Love, organizing all kinds of fun activities including the Duck Tour and walking tours of historical sites and shops. Nonnie, an ex-Philadelphia area girl, drove into the city and parked in a parking garage close by where everyone was to meet. After a full day of activities, all went back to the Penns Landing Visitor's Center to pick up our cars and leave Center City as it was getting dark. Nonnie followed the group as they all went to the spot in the garage where Chauncey's car was parked. Nonnie didn't immediately spot her car and Chauncey graciously volunteered to drive Nonnie to her parking spot in the garage. Bethy came along, sitting in the back seat but, since there wasn't quite enough room in Chauncey's car for all, the others waited in the garage for Chauncey to come back and pick them up. Chauncey drove around the level where Nonnie's car was supposed to be, and it wasn't there. She drove it again, and as she passed by the waiting group, they all waved. On the second pass, Nonnie's car still wasn't located, but the group waved a second time as Chauncey, Nonnie and Beth passed by. Nonnie was beginning to panic, thinking her car must have been stolen! After driving almost every level of the garage, not finding Nonnie's car, despite hitting the panic button on the key (and setting off other people's car alarms left and right!), Bethy suggested that perhaps Chauncey and Nonnie should compare their garage tickets. Well, guess what......Nonnie was in a different garage 3 blocks away! Coming back to pick up the rest of the BBESTers waiting at the corner of the garage was memorable. They enjoyed a good laugh!

Chauncey was unflappable and gracious of course, dropping Nonnie off at the CORRECT garage, and never mentioning that moment again! (at least to Nonnie!)

As lovely a person as is our Chauncey, there must be something about her demeanor that makes her just a teensy bit maybe....terrorist???!!!!Not long ago, Bethy came to town to visit Chauncey. According to Beth, it was a wonderful, fun time, filled with, of course--what else--laughs!

During that visit, Chauncey, like a good host, got up very early so that she and Bethy could take some early-morning fact daybreak photos! The two went up on to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge with all of their equipment. After a bit, a policeman on a bike came over and wanted to know what the two were doing. He asked for identification and, of course, they didn't have any. Then he asked what they were photographing, to which Chauncey replied, "Anything and everything," and he replied, "Not everything!" and he rode off. He was a bit over himself, but he must have thought he almost caught a couple of terrorists!

So there you have a little history of our Chauncey. As well as being a terrific person and wonderful friend, she has done an outstanding job leading our group in the past year. Thank you, Chauncey, on behalf of everyone on the BBEST team!


Stay tuned for the next installment in our Tribute series when another of our three leaders will be featured.

Contributors to this blog post: Pat, Beth, Judy, Kary, Myfanwy and Carol.


Myfanwy said...

If she was nearer right now I'd give the Chauncinator a big hug.

M x

circleinthesand said...

Super article! Thank you Chauncey - you're awesome!!!!

ZudaGay said...

Hehe...I have laugh tears. :) Great tribute to our wonderful Chauncey!!

Chauncey said...

hahahaha my life (and my chubby face) just passed before my eyes.

Thank you so much, bbest/best friends. This was totally sweet. The story about Nonnie and her car.... priceless. I can still see her with her keyless entry thingie, her arm hanging out the window... click click click click. I couldn't see straight for all the laughter tears streaming down my face. Good times with great people.

Yankeegirl said...

Great feature that brought back soooo many great memories of our weekend in Philly!!!! Did we have some laughs or what!!

Thanks again, Chauncey, for not only helping lead this team over the last year but for all of the laughs, encouragement and cyber hugs from Philly!!

Sixsisters said...

What a fun tribute to Chauncey. She is the BBEST for

On a Whimsey said...

What a lovely blog post about a fabby person! I love her wonderful sense of humour, she is sharp, smart and a super BBEST friend!

Jessie said...

What a fabulous tribute! Chauncey, you really are the best! A huge virtual ((((hug)))) for you. I think I'll eat a Hershey bar for breakfast in your honor! :-)


Judy Nolan said...

This is a great tribute to Chauncey. I laughed through the entire post! Thanks, Linda, for writing such a wonderful post.

Linda said...

Thank you for your sweet comments, everybody!

joon said...

What fun! Yes, that's our Chaunce. She's all these wonderful things and more. I loved working so closely with her this past year. She has a supreme tolerance for high maintenance assistants. :) Nonnie, this is so sweet & clever. We have the perfect new leader, that's for sure. ox

Beth said...

This was such a great feature on our Chauncey.....she's the BBEST and a bundle of laughs.....have great memories and this reminded me of a ton of them.
Thanks Nonnie.

MagdaleneJewels said...

Great blog for a great person. Her work really seems to highlight her personally. Thank you, and Six and Joon for all your dedication this past year!

blazingneedles said...

What a great tribute!! Thanks for all your work, Chaunce.

kimbuktu said...

This was so much fun to read.

Chauncey was one of the first boomers to welcome and encourage me when I started on Etsy. She always makes me laugh.

Thanks so much for helping lead the team this year!