Monday, September 7, 2009

Babies Babies Everywhere

As many of you know my daughter is expecting her first child.  How excited our family is…..she is due in one week and its a boy.   I just had another grandson six months ago and I have an 11 year old grandson also.  I’m finding that being a grandmother is the most wonderful experience.  You can enjoy and love and hug and kiss without all the responsibility…  Mom and Dad are there to take them home.  In my case anyways. 

Wasn’t I pleasantly surprised when I did a search on etsy and the BBest Team on baby items.  Pages and pages of creative and beautiful baby items.

Like this adorable Baby Princess Poncho and Hat by Pam of bagsandmorebypam  The bright yellow with the little roses will make an adorable little girl more adorable.  Check out Pams shop for more yarn creations.


Another very needed item are blankets….and of course having it personalized just makes it more special.  Barb of BlazingNeedles makes these absolutely precious personalized blankets.  Barb has tons more in her shop, please stop by and check them out .


No baby can do without their bibs….this Lady bugs and butterflies baby bib is from Dana at Scottie Acres Boutique.  Please check out Dana’s shop as she has many many different items as well.


Nobody likes cold feet….not even babies and aren’t these so adorable to keep your babies feet warm.  These cute booties are for sale in CircleintheSands shop.  Please check out all of Duckies items in her shop.


And last but not least…….isn’t every little girl a Princess.  How adorable is this princess shirt from SugarandSpiceTees.  Sugars shop is all about kids, check it out.


While doing my search on baby items this is sure going to make my holiday season easy, right here on etsy with the BBEST team.  Hope it makes your shopping easier also.


Yankeegirl said...

What adorable items for our bbest babies!!! Great feature, Bethy.

Chauncey said...

goo goo gaa gaa, great post Bethy. We have some seriously great baby items on this team. Can't wait to hear that your new grandson has arrivied.

circleinthesand said...

Bethy, you are so right. Being a grandmama is awesome!! We just had our third GREAT grandbaby last week - WOW!!!

This team has such adorable baby items!!! Thank you for including one of my bootie sets!

YAY for Grannies!!!!

blazingneedles said...

DH and I joke that by the time we have grandbabies, we can take them for rides in our motorized scooters :)

But with BBEST talent, they will be well dressed! Thanks for including my blankets.

Linda said...

This is a sweet post, Bethy. I envy you being a grandmother! The items you selected are great, too.

ZudaGay said...

Great post, Beth!! Such sweet and adorable baby items!! Grandchildren are wonderful!!

joon said...

Bethy, great post and I join everyone else as we impatiently await your grandson's arrival. Before you know it, he'll be off to kindergarten, but first he'll be the BBEST duded up dude with the BBEST grandma in the world.

On a Whimsey said...

Aren't Grandbabies great? We have two with another on the way for next March. Waiting patiently for your good news Bethy!!!

Lovely baby items from the BBEST team!

Sixsisters said...

Adorable post Bethy !

Judy Nolan said...

No grandbabies here, but this is a cute post about cute items! I didn't realize there are so many baby items in BBEST shops.

Jill said...

DD needs to have another baby so I can go shopping!!!

AJ said...

Congrats on your grandkids, Beth! You are very blessed!

jstinson said...

Beth, great post! I love babies and grandkids are so special. Mine have outgrown these features but they are all adorable!

Pam said...

Wonderful theme for a post! Babies are such a marvel, and I love watching them grown and learn. What fabulous gift ideas from the BBest team! Thanks so much for including my Princess Poncho set.