Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boomer for a Day!!!!

It's time to give the royal treatment to one of our own. The lovely Jaci from ByTheWay was the winner of our June activity where our members were asked to answer a few questions from past blog posts. So dun dun dun daaaaaa... Jaci is our Boomer for a day! Not only will we brag about her here but we will also promote her on Twitter and make a few treasuries with her in mind.

Jaci has three shops on Etsy and looking into her Bythewayside shop is like taking a walk down memory lane. There are always several items that take me right back to my childhood.

How many of you had these glasses when you were growing up? I did.
and these cups are a great way to enjoy some ice cream
Do you sew? Jaci has some groovy patterns.
In Jaci's ByThe Way shop she has vintage and upcycled items. check out these finds.

Whoo Hoo, I think there might have been four days back in the 80's that I would have fit into this dress... but it is SWEET!



In Jaci's third shop, BytheBy it's all about the little girl in your life. These little dresses are too cute for words.

'Laundry Day'

Hearts and Playshoe Jumper

And last but not least, can we have a collective Awwww for this one?

Peek-A-Boo Sundress or Jumper

So in honor of our Boomer for a Day, please sit back and take a peek in Jaci's shops. And have some Dove's Dark chocolate while you do.... it's her favorite.


blazingneedles said...

I love those jumpers! Wish my "little girl" was still little :)

Beth said...

What beautiful shops....great feature on a talented boomer.

ZudaGay said...

WooHoo!! Jaci! I always love browsing your shops. I am positive we had those green glasses...we had a lot of things that color of green. hehe... and harvest gold and orange.

Yankeegirl said...

Congrat, Jaci on a wonderful feature. Enjoy you day!!

Sixsisters said...

Great post about Jaci. Wonderful items !

joon said...

I love Jaci's shops. Congratulations, Queen for a Day! Thanks for supporting the team blog. I'm off to start curating an honorary treasury.

Pam said...

Shucks! I hit the wrong button, and my comment disappeared! Congrats, Jaci, on winning the June activity and your feature here. I recognize lots of those lovely items displayed!! Much success to you and interest in what you do! Great post, Chauncey!

Jaci said...

Thanks to all of you for your kind wishes :)
I had a great time reading back through the blog to enter the competition.
Chauncey, you did a wonderful job on this "article", thank you so much!

Julie G. said...

I agree, cute jumpers. I also love the classy/sexy green number, very nice. Julie

niftyknits said...

fabulous - I love the off-angle camera shots. well done!

Rose said...

Great shops and wonderful to meet a new boomer!!