Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I do, I will,

I am a few days premature but the frenzy is in full swing as we head towards Friday, 29 April 2011.  What is special about that particular Friday?  You might well ask!!!!  It is the day that we in the UK will celebrate a royal – NO! THE Royal wedding of the decade.  That of Prince William and Kate Middleton or Catherine as she will be known henceforward.

Unfortunately, my wedding invitation got lost in the post so I will not be going to London.  As a result, our company will not be providing the chair covers for the reception at Buckingham Palace!  Hurmppph!

The last royal wedding ceremony I sat through was just thirty years ago.  That was when Prince Charles and Diana were married at St Paul’s Cathedral. imageHere you can see them after the ceremony as they were about to reach their carriage which would take them to Buckingham Palace


In total contrast, at the time, I was living in Muscat, Oman in the Gulf. image

I had been invited along with several other likeminded people to join in the festivities by meeting up in the Intercontinental Hotel in Muscat,  in a specially laid out room which had a large TV monitor so that we could all follow the joyous occasion.


Intercontinental Hotel, Oman

At the appropriate time waiters came along with glasses filled to the brim with sparkling, fizzy champagne and canapés.  When the happy Royal couple came out on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to meet the populace, we all drank their good health.image

The wedding party appearing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace


This time we will be raising a glass or two of the bubbly stuff in celebration but, at our bolt hole.  Needless to say, our TV will be on all day so that not a minute is missed!  I so love a good wedding!!!  I even bought some delicious snacks for eating during the day and in the evening we will have a ‘surf and turf’ BBQ.  By the time I go to bed I shall be well and truly wedded out!!!

However, if you are a romantic, as I am, perhaps you may wish to follow this link although I am sure there will be ample footage wherever you may live.

Obviously, since we will not be at the wedding I will have to return their wedding present.  However, whilst deciding what to give I did come across some great ideas from the BBEST team.

Now and Forever Tasting Flutes by Glitznglass


Purity White Rose Earrings by Magdalene Jewels


White Cake Candle by AJScountrycottage


Victorian Bride earrings by Filigreegarden


Just a few of the amazing selection of items you can view when you look for the BBEST team on Etsy.

Meanwhile, please raise your glasses to our royal couple on their wedding day, Friday, 29 April 2011.  They have given us all a special holiday too so that we can celebrate in style!


circleinthesand said...

I, too, am looking forward to the happy occasion! As soon as hubby leaves at 3:30 a.m. for work, I will get myself ready for work so that I may send uninterrupted hours in front of the telly, before I have to leave for work.

I have to say that I prefer "Kate" over "Catherine".

First Christian Church said...

Lovely wedding jewelry! :) I am going to watch as much as I can. I love weddings too! :) I can't wait to see what the dresses look like.

First Christian Church said...

Ooops, that was me, Zuda. I'm at work.

Julie G. said...

I can't wait for Friday! I love this stuff, the tradition, the dresses and hats and especially the love. Pretty choices for a bride to be.

Keith said...

Great blog Pat as we are all awaiting the big day here in the Colonies!! Thanks for sharing the moments we all watched 30 yrs ago.
I was wondering did you take those pics (were you that close?) Either way it sounds so exciting just to be near there.
Thank you for including my White Rose earrings - I do think they will look perfect on Kate!

Keith said...

Zuda - I am confused as much as your are - I just noticed that Keith is me (Pam, MJ) I am using my son's laptop and guess I didn't sign off his login.
Now that we have everyone confused.
Thanks again Pat for a nice blog!

The Filigree Garden said...

Guess my invitation got lost in the mail too. ;-) Best wishes to the happy couple! Thanks for including my earrings.

The Filigree Garden said...
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Pam said...

I so enjoyed watching the ceremony early on Friday morning. The bride (whom shall always be Kate to me) is so lovely, and the groom (I only know him as William!) was so sweet. May they live a long happy life filled with love for one another. It was a delight to see Westminster Abby - magnificent doesn't serve well to describe its beauty - to see all those attending the ceremony (which I loved because it was so traditional and straightforward), to see their elegant hats. I just enjoyed every minute of what was seen, and the sweet kisses on the balcony. Oh, my! Thanks for your post about it!