Monday, April 4, 2011

Calendar Fun

Have you ever googled special days and weeks for a particular month? There are quite a few sites that list celebrations for different weeks of the month as well as for nearly every day of the month. When checking out April, I was excited to find days for recognizing librarians, taking your child to work day, poetry day, astronomy day, and pet day, just to name a few. Another site listed the jewel and flower for the month. I made a list of a few of my favorites, matching them with the talents of members of our Boomers and Beyond team.

April’s Jewel is the Diamond

diamonds pixiemarket

diamonds jstinson

diamonds magdalenejewels

The Daisy is April’s Flower

daisy yankeegirl daisy glitznglass daisy backroomtreasures

Earth Day is Celebrated in April

earth day mysticsilks earth day creatorspalette earth day heronkate

Frog Day

frogs jillstreasurechest frogs scottieacres frogs chris1

Garden Day

gardens stitchesbyjulie gardens ccvalenzo gardens sixsisters

Ocean Day

ocean fantasycreations1 ocean vanfleetstreetdesigns ocean pixiesupplies

Pet Day

animals pfdoriginalartworks animals dianeclancy animals hemlockhollow


Colours and Textures said...

Nice theme.

johnniebelinda said...

April is such an excieting month. With the earth giving birth one again. From the splendid colors, to sound of the wind, and the sing song of insectics and creatures.
What wonderful items you have chosen from etsy shops!


Lovely selections for April!

Sixsisters said...

Love the idea for this blog Pam. Thanks for including
my watercolor.

yankeegirl said...

Love this Pam!! Great idea and lovely selections to go along with it. Thanks so much for including my daisy!!

Diane Clancy said...

This is lovely - really a fantastic selection! Thank you so much for including me!!

~ Diane Clancy

Julie G. said...

Love it!

Julie G. said...

ok, now I'm going to leave a proper post, the last one was just a ck. because my first one said 'error'.

Love the connections. Didn't know all these things happened in April! Thx. for including my garden blanket:)

Jill said...

Wow, who knew there were so many special days in a month. I'm so glad you included my box for Frog Day!!!

gloria said...

Great April theme! And thank you for including my horse head! I do love sawing metal! Great post!

Judy Nolan said...

Amazing how many special days there are in April. Thanks for doing such a great job assembling them and featuring all of these talented BBEST artisans, Pam!

pfd said...

Looks like April will be a busy month! Thank you Pam for including my sheep picture.

MagdaleneJewels said...

What an exciting and interesting blog to remind of us all the beauty that comes forth during April with Spring in the air!
Thank you for including my BlackDiamond Necklace with all these other great items!!!

The Filigree Garden said...

April is a lovely month! Very nice selection of items to represent the season.

Melanie said...

What a fun post Pam! I enjoyed all the selections and the fun celebrations :-)

Erika Price said...

Great post, and lots of lovely ideas for April!

Denise Cerro said...

There really is a frog day ? Wow !
Nice theme for the month of April, and good way to see more of what my team mates have to offer !