Sunday, October 24, 2010

Games People Play

“Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm!” exclaimed Sally, as I opened the door and motioned her inside.  “What is that delicious smell?”

“Streusel-filled coffee cake,” I replied.

“I simply must have that recipe,” she sighed.  “It smells heavenly.  Did you make it for me?” she asked.

“Of course,” I smiled.  “I knew you would like it, and I will give you the recipe later.  But, first, I wanted to ask you a question.  Do you play any online games?”

“Well, no, I haven’t tried that,” Sally said.  “How about you?”

“Oh, my goodness,” I said.  “I have two that I really like, and wish I were better at both of them.”

“What do you mean?” asked Sally.

“Well,” I continued.  “One game I play is Bejeweled Blitz through Facebook.  Some of my friends play, too, even some of my Boomer friends!  I usually finish third or below each week, and still haven’t figured out how two of my friends are getting half a million points!”

“Just keep working at it,” said Sally.  “I’m sure you will figure it out.”

“I hope so,” I answered.  “But, the one that I find most interesting is Scrabble.  I have been playing that with my daughter, Jill, and she has beaten me more than I have beaten her.  The interesting thing about Scrabble is that you can ask for a Random Opponent, and then you get a game going with people you don’t know, will never see, and wonder where they even are in the world, especially when they are making words at 3 a.m.!   There is no communication function that I know about built into the Scrabble game, so there we are, two opponents in unknown locations, trying to best each other in a game of Scrabble.  And probably both wondering all kinds of things about the other person.”

“How’s that going for you?” smiled Sally.

“Well, actually, not much better than the Bejeweled Blitz!  I’ve won several games, but am still waiting for the number won to surpass the number lost!” I said.  “But it is fun, and I’ll keep trying.  I bet they would all be interested to know about our Boomers and Beyond team and all the neat things we make.”

“Are we going to look at some today…….while we have some of that magnificent-smelling coffee cake?” queried Sally.

“You betcha!” I said.  “You head for the computer, and I’ll get our coffee cake, and then we will look at some of the fabulous creations from the Boomers and Beyond team.”

“Okey dokey,” said Sally.  “I’m on my way.  And don’t forget about that recipe,” she reminded.

sixsisters two


mystic silks














“Totally gorgeous,” sighed Sally.  “Wish they were all mine, mine, mine!”

Streusel-filled coffee cake – easily doubled if you wish!

M ix thoroughly: 3/4 cup sugar; 1/4 cup soft shortening; 1 egg

Stir in:  1/2 cup milk

Sift together and stir in: 1 1/2 cups sifted flour; 2 tsp baking powder; 1/2 tsp salt.

Spread half of the batter in a 9-inch pan that has been greased and floured.

Streusel filling:  1/2 cup brown sugar packed; 2 tbsp flour; 2 tbsp butter, melted; 2 tsp cinnamon; 1/2 cup chopped nuts.  Mix well.  Spread half of streusel topping on batter in pan; put remaining batter in pan, and spread other half of streusel mixture on top.  Bake at 375 degrees for 25 to 35 minutes.  (I doubled the recipe and baked it 30 minutes and it passed the clean toothpick in the middle test. So, I’d probably check after 20 minutes and see if it needed five more minutes or so.) – recipe from Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook, received as a wedding gift in 1960.


yankeegirl said... I want coffee cake!!! Love the feature and the lovelies that go along with it!

ZudaGay said...

Yummmm!! I love blues and greens! :) Great post, Pam!

The Filigree Garden said...

I do like Scrabble too, though I try not to play online too much because it's too addicting! But then again, so it coffee cake. ;-)

MagdaleneJewels said...

The air is filled with the aroma of the coffee cake - but the treasured jewels in many forms, only increased my appetite for more of these beautiful jewels, and the recipe to go along with it!

Johnnie said...

Very nice feature, love cake and the beautiful shops that are features

Fused Glass said...

Love this it is so pretty!

On a Whimsey said...

Super collection and one of my favourite recipes too!