Friday, October 15, 2010

The Feeling of Joy!

I guess there has to be a story, or rather, THE story that is foremost in peoples’ minds that gives the participants and onlookers the most amazing feeling of joy.  The story I am talking about is the successful rescue of 33 Chilean miners.  A truly remarkable feat.  The endurance of the miners having to survive below the surface for all that time as well as all the experts above ground who developed the means of rescuing the miners.  In addition the hardships encountered by the families who ‘camped’ out near the mine opening and can now pack up and go home in the wonderful warm feeling of joy that their loved ones are once again safe.

The feeling of joy can conjure up many visions; all very different depending on the circumstances of the people who are en’joy’ing!  Generally it is the feeling of real happiness about something unfolding.  The joy of watching as each miner was successfully brought to the surface; the joy of watching a newborn entering our wide world; the joy of a feeling or warmth; joy as a feeling of success surrounds us; just plain joy at experiencing some of the amazing adventures nature can throw at us.  The list simply goes on and is so diverse for each one of us.

Now…. I can feel immense joy and pride when I look through the items the BBEST team have produced.  This team doesn’t need to be told how talented they are, each and everyone of them!  Check out some of these diverse items which I hope will bring joy to the creator as well as the viewer.


Flight original watercolour goose by Yankeegirl


Sketchbook Journal by Paper Patches


Wild flowers by PFD Original Artworks


Handmade refillable notebook cover by Circle in the Sand


Yellow brown eyed Susan by Zudagay


Hibiscus by Sixsisters


Carnival tonight by Heron Kate


Black glass fused pendant by Chris1


Genuine pearl earrings by Bridal Jewelry


Flying Witch fused glass pendant by Chauncey

I do hope the selection I have included here will bring you joy!  What sort of things/items bring you joy?


circleinthesand said...

What a wonderful, happy and 'joy'ous post.... Thank you for including my Notebook Cover. I, too, rejoice in the Miners being rescued safely... and I imagine that they will feel Joy in each new day, as I do!!

heronkate said...

Lovely blog post, yes, there was so much joy as each of those miners climbed out of that tube into the light!
Thanks so much for including my carnival painting!!

Myfanwy said...

Isn't it lovely to have GOOD news for a change? It was almost like a rebirth, wasn't it. Let's face it, new life, as in new babies is very joyous - and they continue to bring joy as they grow.

Thanks so much for including my little book, Pat. Great post.

ZudaGay said...

It is wonderful to be able to rejoice with the world over something rather than be in mourning over tragedy. I am so happy for those miners and their loved ones. I just can't imagine what they went through all that time. It really is a joy to see all the wonderful talent of this team. Great post, Pat, and thank you for including my little yellow flower!

Imaginuity said...

So wonderful when the whole world can rejoice over something very special like this -- as opposed to dwelling on the tough stuff of life! And, you are right, Pat -- we have a lot of amazing talent on our team!

Fused Glass said...

This is the 3rd message I've tried to leave.....gurrr.

Wonderful Pat! Zuda said it better than I could of after 3 tries....Thanks for including my flower vines Pendant!

Julie G. said...

Very nice Pat. It is such a joy to celebrate the rescue of the miners, can't imagine how horrific it was those 17 days b/f they were found. We should never take even the simplest pleasures for granted, even breathing the air and seeing the sunlight.

Anonymous said...

I agree, great post! I am glad the miners got out safe and sound, there is nothing better than good news. There is so much negative content in the mass media that these joyful occasions come as a great reprieve. Great items! Very creative styles!

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Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Wonderful post! You are so right. It makes you think about that joy everyone involved felt when the last man was pulled to safety and how grateful they were, just to be alive. Why can't we all be more grateful with what we have? Does it take the possibility of losing everything to finally feel we have enough? We all should be feeling that joy every morning when we see we are still alive and that we are surrounded by the ones we love. Thank you for the reminder today.

yankeegirl said...

Chauncey, what a wonderful, happy feature!! Love it! Who didn't feel joy watching every one of those miners rising to the top and feeling the fresh air for the first time in months! Sorry I am so late in thanking you for including my watercolor.

yankeegirl said...

Sorry, Pat...thank you!!