Monday, June 14, 2010

Checking Out the “In” Colors!

Sally was running late. I was so excited to tell her about my whirlwind life of the last month. Part of that whirlwind was choosing something to wear for our 50th wedding anniversary celebration. But, more about the party later. While shopping in Florida (so our daughter could assure that my outfit was coordinated with her color choices for decorations), I noticed the “in” colors in the department store. Yellow, black, and white stood out, although bright red and bold greens were also plentiful. I always notice the colors that are on display, imagining what I might crochet using those colors and getting it finished fast enough before the season and colors change again! Knowing that my Boomers and Beyond friends always have terrific selections in every color, I just wanted to see what they might have in yellow, black, and white. And Sally could check it out when she gets here.

the creators palette

swarvoski necklace yellow magdalene jewels

stitchesbyjulie ladies yellow poncho

six sisters yellow headed blackbird

mystic silks yellow scarf w orange

Heronkate Ladybugs and Daffodil

gliztnglass painted wine glass

get lathered yellow soap

chris 1 sunflower acea

cbbasement Tropical Lights

birose very yellow snappie bracelet

attackofthevintage golf clubs

birose very yellow snappie bracelet

zuda gay black flower



imaginuity black necklace

figments Ramon necklace


annas jewelry


sassalynne yarn





jills treasure chest votive



blazing needles mug rug


beth peardon products

“Beautiful, as always,” I knew that Sally would say.


Tinker Pixie said...

Beautiful, as always :))) Who is Sally?? I love the colors! At least the other brave people are using them :)) Thank you very much for including my very pastel earrings!

Sixsisters said...

Wonderful post Pam. Loved seeing all of the items
from our team. Thanks for including my aceo.

Pam said...

Tinker Pixie....Sally is my imaginary friend who comes to visit, we have wonderful conversations, sometimes eat goodies, and always find wonderful things in the bbest shops. I build my stories (posts) around her visits. Thanks for asking.

yankeegirl said...

Love the colors and creations, Pam. I just had a sale of 4 items that were in this color scheme too!

BTW...Happy Birthday!!

Beth said...

tons of super items, thanks Pam.

ZudaGay said...

Wonderful items to get to enjoy! Thank you Pam!! happy birthday. :)

marion said...

Gorgeous, especially the yellows, I LOVE the yellows!
It's great to be back with BBEST; and a happy birthday to Pam.

Judi B said...

Gorgeous! Thank you for including my black crocheted "Abby" choker.

Jill said...

I love the Sally posts! It's like reading a little story!! Thank you for including my votive holder with all these lovely choices!!

Fused Glass said...

Great! another one I almost missed! Thanks for including my work!

MagdaleneJewels said...

Oh so classically Miami Beach - with all the beautiful yellows and blacks - yes, definitely the colors for this summer! Thank you for adding my Sunflower necklace with all these summer beauties!