Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Art of Retiring!

With my tongue in my cheek I thought of our illustrious leader, Nonnie who is due to retire in the next couple of weeks.  This is always a huge, sometimes scary, decision to take.  It is always something in the distant future and then! Here it is!  Many of us in the BBEST team have reached, or are reaching, retirement age.  Or rather, the next stage in our lives – sounds better!  Gone are the days when the slippers came out, you sat down and that was that.

I once read these words and they rang so true.

“Some of us need a challenge, something to keep us excited about life. Too many still need money. Many need both.

Well, it turns out that we never retire for good... not until we expire for good!"

Those words could be used to describe so many of us, including myself!  Although I have ‘retired’ from a life when I used to get up and go to the office with all the stress that could be thrown at me, I do find myself busier than ever!  Not one to sit still, I recently started a very (thankfully!) successful business venture with my daughter.  My husband is running his own show in the line of business that he is in.  In between, I try to create wax paintings when I can.  Both of us can’t see ourselves ever retiring.  I guess the joy of being able to do, afford to do something that is dear to our hearts, keeps us motivated and just plain gives us the incentive to get up to another glorious day. To me, that is what it is all about.

So, I would like to dedicate this post to Nonnie.  Nonnie, I am sure you will love your ‘retirement’ and become so busy doing all the things YOU want to do that you will wonder how on earth you had the time to go to work!

We in the BBEST team are such a talented crowd not only creating the most amazing artifacts whilst still working but also when we have retired from busy walks of life.

Here are a few examples showing the diversity of this team I feel so honoured to count amongst my friends.

You might be retired but that all important tool called a laptop is still needing our attention!  What a pretty cover this makes.

imageLaptop sleeve by  Stitches by Julie

Now you don’t have to get up so early you might be able to enjoy sights like this one.

imageMoonlight at the Beach by HeronKate

Or find the time to spend more on your garden or attending to your flower displays?

imageAll the Flowers in a Row by  Yankee Girl

Going out and need that extra splash to go with your outfit?

imageOpal and Solid Gold Wire Pendant by  Anna’s Jewelry

Even at this stage there could be times when you can’t see the wood for the trees (is that right?).

imageForest through the Trees by Mystic Silks

Imagine what you could do with these threads!  Let the imagination flow.

imagePearl  fine yarn by Sassa Lynne

Last, but by no means least, I have to include this amazingly beautiful stained glass panel by Nonnie.  If this is what retirement might mean, go for it and all our BBEST wishes!


Stained Glass Panel by  Stained Glass by Nonnie


Tinker Pixie said...
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circleinthesand said...

Great post!! all my love and good wishes go out to Nonnie on her Retirement!! May she stay busier than ever!!!!

Jill said...

Love and luck to Nonnie!! There will be a lot more lovely stained glass in the world!!!

Anonymous said...

Great feature Pat! Best wishes to our Nonnie on her next (and maybe best!) stage of her life. May it be a long, happy and creative one!

Thanks so much for including my watercolor.

Colours and Textures said...

Lovely post Pat. Nonnie wishing you all the bbest!

Retirement or maybe it's re-tyre-ment for the nest stage of the journey!

jstinson said...

Pat, nice tribute! Nonnie wishing you the best in your retirement. I know you will fill your days with fun and creativity. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Nonnie and I'm sure she will be busier than ever now, and happier too.
Thanks for including my painting in the blog !

Tinker Pixie said...

It is a very touching post. Thank you, Pat! Now Nonnie can make more of these STUNNING stained glass panels! All pieces are great! Good picks!

Ceci said...

What a great tribute to our fearless leader Nonnie! You are gonna love retirement. And yes it's true...."you will wonder how on earth you had the time to go to work!"

Now you get to enjoy whatever you choose to do. More happy days ahead!!!

The Filigree Garden said...

Wonderful tribute to a lovely and talented person! Nonnie, many best wishes for a fun and happy "next part of life!"

ZudaGay said...

Great post, Pat!! Nonnie, best wishes for the next chapter and for lots of wonderful experiences and joy in creating!!!

Julie G. said...

Thank you Pat for including me in this wonderful array of Art! Great blog and beautiful works, Nonnie's is just amazingly beautiful. Nice tribute! to a worthy and beloved friend.

Pam said...

Wonderful post, Pat, and oh, so true! Nonnie, you will love being busier than ever and doing what you choose to do rather than have to do! Happy retirement soon to come!

Sixsisters said...

Great post Pat. Enjoy it all Nonnie and have fun.

Diane ~ said...

Terrific post Pat. Congratulations on your retirement Nonnie! Create to your heart's content & enjoy every moment of your new life :)

Diane (EverSoDear)