Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Q is for ....


I bet you all thought that this letter would have me stumped!

Well, you were wrong!

It's the easiest one I've had so far!!

Well, Q is for QUALITY and we all know that when it comes to quality Bbest does it best!

Whether it's chocolate

as in this Needle Candy by birose,

or Blackberry and Basil

With eyes on the environment

Or using natural fibres to good effect

Working in glass knows no bounds, either

For fabric par excellence


Items as diverse as


delicate silk painting, Pink Peonies by ColoursandTextures.

So, whenever you want quality - you know where to search!

(Just make sure you all get ready for 'Z' when it comes!!


Judi B said...

Wow! What you did with the letter "Q" -- amazing and fun! Thanks for including my coffee cup pocket!

Julie G. said...

Well I SURe like Q! thank you for including me in this quality group of artisans.

ZudaGay said...

Absolutely quality with a capitol Q!! :)

circleinthesand said...

QUALITY is definitely an understatement. Look at all these selections.... I'm trying to pick a favorite and it's impossible. Great blog and Great items!!

Attack of the Vintage said...

Oh WOW!!Great items and such a diverse selection of quality goodies!! Thanks for sharing them.

MagdaleneJewels said...

I couldn't have picked better items to showcase for your "Q"uality post! The felt earrings are very different; Julie, know I need a granddaughter for all your cute little dresses!
and Pink Peonies is one of my favorites. Great blog, Sassy!

Sixsisters said...

We have tons of Quality on our team ! Thanks for the
great post Myfanway.

Nonnie said...

This is wonderful! Thank you for including my lamp.

Libertybelle said...

Thank you for including my felted necklace. Lovely blog post with a great selection of items.