Monday, March 22, 2010

It’s Raining…..Oh, My!

“Oh, darn it,” I said to myself as I saw the first sprinkles of rain hit the driveway.  Sally was on her way over, and we were going to put purple and yellow pansies in the bed in front of the house.  I was so excited thinking about how gorgeous the pansies would look from now until really hot weather arrived.  But, the rain was going to put a damper on those plans!

Just then I saw a car coming up the drive.  Sally jumped out and dashed to the porch since the rain was coming down harder now.  “Spring is really here,” Sally exclaimed, “and the rains have begun.”  I laughed and shooed her into the house.

“Well,” sighed Sally.  “What are we going to do now since it is raining?”

“We’ll just leave the flats of flowers on the porch,” I answered.  “I’ll set them out in the yard later and let the rain give them a good soaking.  And as soon as the rain stops, in the bed they’ll go.”

“Sounds good to me,” responded Sally.  “But, I had my heart set on putting these flowers out and looking at their beautiful effect.  Oh!  I know,” she continued.  “Let’s check out your Bbest Team Members and see what kinds of flowers we can find there.”

“What a wonderful idea,” I replied.  “Let’s get some lemonade, that last box of Girl Scout cookies, and head for the computer.”

zuda gay

yankee girl


six sisters


on a whimsey

mystic silks







clay center





“Truly magnificent,” sighed Sally. 


Fused Glass said...

Pam love this and the items you chose are great. Love them all! Thanks for including my bracelet in your wonderful post.

yankeegirl said...

Well, it's raining here again too but Spring is definitely in the air!! Love all of the Spring goodies you selected and thanks for including my Lilac watercolor!!

MagdaleneJewels said...

Tut Tut "It looks like rain".. words of Winnie-the-Pooh!
Great blog. Everything says Spring. Yesterday, I purchased one of pdf's prints (the little ducks) perfect for the baby room! So with the little rain today - the flowers will soon be peaking out and be as beautiful as the flowers in Althea's scarf!

ZudaGay said...

How lovely!! Thank you so much for including one of my flowers! hummm, Girl Scout cookies..... :)

heronkate said...

A great "indoor" garden. Lovely selections. Thanks so much for including my pendant ! !

SylvieL said...

Pansies, that's what I want! Thank you for the evocation of Spring that is yet to arrive fully here in Vermont.

Sixsisters said...

What a wonderful way to wake up reading and looking at all of the flowers from our team. Thanks Pam for
another great blog.

Ceci said...

I love all the soft colors of these items of spring!

Melanie said...

Beautiful spring treasures from BBEST... Thanks for this post!

circleinthesand said...

I read this early this morning, but neglected to leave a comment - my bad!!

It's raining here too, but all these beautiful flowers by BBEST members will brighten up any gloomy day!! Great post!!

On a Whimsey said...

A veritable feast of spring for our eyes! How wonderful and thank you so much for including my Wisteria to sit amongst all the talent!

Great post, a joy to read!

Chauncey said...

beautiful flowers. Happy Spring!

Judi B said...

What a fun post, Pam! Love all the flowers you found among the BBesters -- and thanks for including the one on the costume in my shop!

The Filigree Garden said...

Loved seeing all the flowers!