Monday, August 3, 2009

The Wedding

As many of you know, through my numerous postings on the team forum, the month of August is a very important month in our family this year.  Our youngest, our daughter, is getting married later this month.

Panic has not quite set in yet!  However, the days seem to be passing ever more quickly with only a short time to discuss and implement those last minute details.  It is always the small things that seem to take the most energy and organising.  Sometimes, you can’t help wondering if anyone would really notice whether the gold butterfly confetti was strewn on the tables or not?  But, putting all these little details together does make a magical day even more magical!

In case there are other people out there who are looking for that extra something for their wedding day I thought I would stroll through the BBEST team to see what I could find.  You never know, there might be something that we can’t possibly do without!!


Wedding Hoops by Jems by JB and Company

Lovely, white freshwater pearls with sterling silver components dangle from the hoops.

These would look so pretty with the bride’s outfit!



Roses Champagne Flute Glasses by Glitz n Glass

This pair of hand painted Champagne flutes would be just the thing to toast your love with. A single pink rose bud in a modern heart with a matching rose on the base. What could say "I love you" better than that?


White Cake Candle by AJs Country Cottage

Smells just like a moist, delicious white wedding cake! Tantalizing vanilla blends with a yummy almond note for a totally mouthwatering scent!

Positively edible smelling, not to be eaten!!



 Ivory Bridal Veil by By The Way

An elegant, versatile bridal headpiece, this item can be worn either traditionally on top of the head, or at the back under an elaborate accent.




Champagne Gift Bag by BBesigns

Next time you need to say good luck say it with a bottle of champagne wrapped in this wine bag with a hand made tag.

The tag is hand painted champagne glass with a rhinestone embellishment. Good luck is printed on the tag and there is room at the bottom or back for your greeting.


Wedding Favour Bags by Fickle Faerie

A wedding favor that can be used over and over again!!! It won't be thrown in the garbage!

For a change, why not fill it with fruit instead of sweets?



Grace by Magdalene Jewels

Such a beautiful piece of jewellery.  This graceful and delicate 17" Necklace would add sparkle to anyone who wears it.



Stained Glass Keepsake by Nonnie’s Treasures

Do you have a wedding invitation, or love letter that you want to keep forever? Don't put it into a plastic sleeve! This is a custom-made display, sealed on all sides with clear glass and trimmed with stained glass.

What a talented group we have in the BBEST Team!  So many ideas, so much inspiration.  I hope that you have enjoyed my journey and that you too have caught a little of the excitement that surrounds our household this month!


Sixsisters said...

Perfect for this time of year Pat. Great blog. Thanks.

ZudaGay said...

Weddings are so fun and exciting and....ummmm....stressful!! :) I hope your daughter's day is absolutely perfect in every way!! Lovely post with fabulous wedding perfect items. Thank you, Pat!

Chauncey said...

PQ, lovely post with some "can't do without" items. It seemed so long ago when you first mentioned the wedding. Can't believe it's almost here. Stay calm!

Linda said...

Lovely blog. So excited for you and your family. Thank you for including my stained glass keepsake frame.

circleinthesand said...

OH, I love the idea of filling the wedding Favour Bags with fruit instead of sweets!!!

Congrats and best wishes to your beautiful daughter and her lucky man!!

blazingneedles said...

Lovely post! I'm sure the weeding will be wonderful!!!

Beth Anderson said...

Lovely, and best of luck to you and your daughter.

yankeegirl said...

Such exciting times for you and whoever else is planning the big day.

Wonderful selections for the bride to be!!

Anitra Cameron said...

Lovely! Brings back happy memories, too, of my three daughters' weddings. Thanks for the smile!

Judy Nolan said...

Great examples of wedding items from the BBESTers! I had no idea there were so many to choose from.

joon said...

Our anniversary is this month. It's a great time of year for a wedding. Thanks for this lovely feature, Pat. I love seeing what our bbesters have for this special occasion.

Pam said...

What a wonderful, creative idea for a post. Loved it! Another excellent job, Pat.