Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We are now getting to the time of year when we have had enough of being snug inside looking out on snow drifts, grey skies and generally miserable winter weather.  Every glimpse of sunshine heralds a new gasp of joy!  The weather promises, though it does tease sometimes, to get brighter and warmer.  So what better way to celebrate and encourage the spring sunshine but by showing off items from some of our talented members?  Put on the shades and be prepared to be hot, hot, hot!!!


This will get you in the right mood!  A cheerful quilted fabric postcard called ‘You are my sunshine’ – remember the song?

Thanks to Attack of the Vintage you will find many more wonderful examples of her quilted postcards in her shop.



It’s hot out here!

This piece is done in the paper prayer format. The paper prayer was created by the Japanese to evoke health and well-being for the person for whom it was made.

Van Fleet Street Design is the place to find more ‘hot’ items



Orange Flower Folding Hat

Sometimes the sun, even at this time of year, will cause you to look for a little shade and what a pretty hat to do that with!  Look, it even comes with its very own zipper purse for storage.

One Dog Talking is the shop to visit if you like style and elegance.



Too sexy for the Beach

Now start singing… "I'm Too Sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my..." I won’t go on!  However, a girl still needs to look her best at the beach!

Laughing Otter Jewelry just knows what jewellery you ‘otter’ be wearing!!!!



Sunrise, Sunset print that really could be either time of day. Imagine sitting quietly slurping, sorry sipping a cocktail watching this sun slowly dipping into the sea.

Beth Peardon Prods has a great array of prints, cards etc in her shop.



Sunbird – you can tell the artist was really enjoying herself in the creation of this wonderful mixed media painting!

Sixsisters has an exciting way of depicting everyday subjects and yet making them so individual.  She shows a great empathy with nature in the portrayal of her art.



A large smiling sun window cling suncatcher

The sun is always smiling on the righteous they tell me.  However, who could resist this wonderful cling looking like real stained glass?

Clinging Images has a shop full of window clings of every shape and size. 


I could go on for ever on this happy sunny note but why don’t you search yourself and see what you can find amongst this incredibly talented group of artists on Etsy who call themselves the BBEST!


ZudaGay said...

So fun and bright and lovely!! A great way to start the day. Thank you for your post, Pat! I just don't know which song wants to be stuck in my head. Just as long as it isn't...I'm too sexy...

Beth said...

Great feature Pat, gave me a bit of sunshine on a dreary week. Thanks for including me.

Dayna said...

Great job Pat! I need some sun as it is going to be a grey day here today.

Yankeegirl said...

Thanks for refreshing my memory about the sun!!!Haven't seen it in awhile!!

Beautiful sunny creations!

Dena said...

Wonderful to see some sun today!!!! Great job Pat!

Sixsisters said...

Here comes the sun....Thanks Pat. Love all of the featured items. Thanks for including me.

joon said...

Wonderful post, Pat. Thanks for reminding me to start thinking about my sun hat. I need to get serious here very soon. Love your sunny choices. I always sang 'You are My Sunshine, My only Sunshine' to Scout when she was a spud. Anyone else?

Attack of the Vintage said...

Oh what a wonderful post Pat when we are all needing the sunshine. What a pleasant surprise to see my quilted postcard included! Thanks so much!!

Chauncey said...

A happy sunny post, PQ. And lovely choices to compliment it!

Judy Nolan said...

These are such bright and colorful selections, Pat. They definitely make you think of summer!

Rose said...

Hot blog and hot articles! My favorite time of the year!

The Filigree Garden said...

Those sunny days and items are so uplifting!

Brett Ward said...

Although Summer is my least favorite time of year, this brought a smile to my face. I remember going to Atlantic City, New Jersey several times a year with my family during the summer months. It was a fun time and I have always loved the ocean. The ocean is a very healing entity for me.