Monday, May 4, 2009

F is for......

Let's face it. Working through the alphabet could take me months! There are a few letters there that might cause me a few problems, but in the meantime I'm having great fun investigating the wonderful items that the Bbest team make and sell. Not only are the items wonderful, I have to say that the Team falls into that category too.

In a large group it is inevitable that members go through difficulties at times. These can be major or minor, but apart from offering promotional help the amazing members of Bbest also offer support in other ways. Today I decided that 'F' would be for 'Friends'! Now, it would be impossible to feature every one of my friends in Bbest, in fact it would take you the rest of the year just to read the post, so I'm having to limit my choices to just a few. As always this selection shows the diversity of Bbest artists and artisans.

As always, handspun and hand-dyed skeins from Knotty Sheep come in delightful soft colours. Look for them here, there are more to be found in her shop.

The delicate colour theme continues with this delightful focal bead from Zuda Gay. Beautifully made with precision and expertise which is echoed in every other item in her shop.
Only six inches tall, but this little angel is perfectly hand coloured. The wings have a pearl glaze which has been lovingly applied by JillsTreasureChest. Check out her other items too.

Buttons galore! All different shades of grey. What a collection from circleinthesand. Supplies take on another meaning when you search through her shop. Take a look.

Original art is always a pleasure to own. This original collage from sixsisters has been made using quite an unusual technique. Her other items are worth investigating too.
More soft colours, this time from Artmixter, and another unusual technique. This ACEO would make a lovely addition to a collection. Of course, there is much more to be found in her shop.

Dotty Daisy, or A Pocketful of Starlight! Vintage reclaimed fabrics are delicately combined to create this one of a kind pocket from joonwalk. Search her shop for other options, you won't be disappointed.
This sterling silver bracelet from jstinson is wire wrapped sterling silver with more sterling silver in the beads. Each link forms an arrow and it will sit perfectly on any wrist. There is more jewellery to be found in her shop too.

And more jewellery to be found at HelmlockHollow. How about these beautiful pearls? Lots more to look at here too.

Need an avatar or a banner? Look no further than emhGraphics. Not only available in delicate colours, but this fits perfectly into my theme! They are all really professional, go and have a look

More handmade art from stustustudio, and again an unusual technique. You can read about it on the listing and see more of her art in her shop
A pretty Lacy Boutonniere from preciousquilts would make a lovely lapel decoration. This is just one of several to be found in her shop.

If it is whimsical art you are needing how about this Long-legged bird. This appliqued wallhanging from makeyourpresentsfelt is great fun. Anything from her shop would make an ideal present - either for a loved one or for yourself!

This picture is of the sandstone formations in Big Horn National Park in Wyoming. This lovely dramatic shot really makes me want to visit the area. Yankeegirl's usual method of expression is watercolour. Take a look and see.

More jewellery (can't you tell I'm from the UK!!) from Annasjewelry. This beautiful amethyst is only one of the gems that you will find in her shop
I couldn't resist this last item. I felt that we needed something in which to pop all of the above! This lovely vintage Samsonite train case is just perfect for a trip. It's on offer by JunkyardGipsy who has much more too and frankly is just what we will each need if we ever have a Bbig Bbest Get-together.
These items are just some of those from the Bbest Support Team on Etsy! To those of you that aren't here this time I'll just say a big thankyou for being my friend too, you really are the Bbest...

To misquote an erstwhile member: 'good friends are one of life's Bbest pleasures'. To find the rest of my friends search here for 'bbest team'.


On a Whimsey said...

A beautiful post, so well thought out and with so much research going into it! Thank you for featuring the butonniere too.. this really is an amazing group with such a huge, warm heart.

circleinthesand said...

Awwww, thank you for including my Buttons in this wonderful post. It must have taken you hours to go thru all the shops on this wonderful team. So difficult to just pick a few, cos there is so much talent within this group!!!

Yankeegirl said...

Wonderful post about a wonderful group of amazing people. Not just creative and talented but warm, compassionate and funny!! I've leaned on this group quite a bit over the last year and they always come through.

Thank you for including my "Over the Edge" photo and yes, you should visit that part of the world. It's as amazing as the BBESTers!!

Beth said...

All awesome items. Love the letter F for Friends.

Chauncey said...

Awww Myfanwy thanks for the lovely post. I couldn't agree more about good friends being one of life's
bbest pleasures!! And thanks for the banner shout out. :)

ZudaGay said...

Bbest pleasures indeed!!! Lovely posts!!! I am so thankful for each and every one of you BBESTERS! A daily delight and encouragement is offered up every day on our Bbest thread. Thank you Myfanwy!

Sixsisters said...

This is great Myfanway. What is better than BBEST !
I appreciate all of the wonderful people on this team
in so many ways. I am lucky to know all of them.
Thank you for including me as a friend and for
showing one of my collages.

The Filigree Garden said...

F is for the fantastic, friendly and fabulous forty-plus friends on the BBEST team. :-)

Tom and Cher said...

It was Fantastic to Find my naked tree Featured amongst such Fantastic Friends! I Found this link on my blog, and Figured, with my surname starting with an F..... Thank you !

MagdaleneJewels said...

What could be a better way to showcase the Bbest, but by using the word "Friends". Beautiful choices, a little something for everyone!

Judy Nolan said...

What a wonderful selection! You've managed to feature a wonderful variety and so many BBEST artists, Myfanwy.

joon said...

M, you have really outdone yourself this time. Wow! I wouldn't be here if it weren't for all my BBEST Friends. Thanks so much for including me in your featured items, M. Looking forward to your next feature!

maryeb said...

Wow, great post. How nice to be a part of such a talented group.

susanlambert said...

so nice to see bbest work. It's all great!

marion said...

Lovely post, thanks for including my work!

jstinson said...

I don't know how I missed this! Thanks for including my sterling silver bracelet!

Rose said...

Great friends and fab items!