Friday, November 14, 2008

Meet the Boomers!

This week we were lucky enough to snag an interview with our “Duckie” from circleinthesand!

1. What is/are the name of your shop/s?il_430xN.28167655
My Shop name is Circle In the Sand. I named it in honor of my wonderful hubby!! It's named after the song of the same title by Belinda Carlisle - it is one of "our" special songs. Anybody who has ever received a package from me can thank hubby, cos he makes ALL my post office trips. And he supports my insane yard sale hobby.

2. What kind of items do you sell?
The majority of my shop is supplies and destash. I decided a while back that since I am now in my advanced "Boomer" years, that I could not possibly complete all the projects I had on hand, so I needed to start passing them along to others. I also have that previously mentioned yard sale obsession thing going on, along with antique stores. I also have a fascination with buttons and have tons on hand.
I really do love "creating" and I do have some handmade items in my shop, but due to time constraints, I don't get to play with my projects as much as I would like to. My favorite is plastic canvas and cross stitch, but I have recently developed a liking for ephemera and embellishments. I absolutely love to sit and punch out shapes with all my punches and scrapbook papers.

3. How long have you been engaged in your art/craft?
Oh goodness, as far back as I can remember, I've always 'played' with something, either needlecrafts or sewing, I've also done painting (on clothing and wood), appliqués....there's not too many things I haven't at least touched on.

4. Do you consider yourself a hobbyist or a professional craftsperson?
I am definitely a hobbyist. I don't even have a business license - sssshhhhhhhhh. I am a horrible bookkeeper, I figure if I have a plus balance in my PayPal account, then I'm doing ok.il_430xN.34121019

5. What inspires you?
Everything!!! It's a sickness, I tell you! I can't go anywhere or look at anything without studying it and thinking - OK, what can I do with that???? I love looking at items and thinking how they can be altered into something else. I love bright pretty colors, but then again, there is nothing prettier than basic Black.

6. Please share with us what a typical day is like in your workshop or studio?
I don't really have a typical day....since I don't do this "professionally", I don't have set hours that I 'create'. I do work as a Medical Assistant 4 days a week. And, hubby and I have a killer schedule, we get up at 3:00 a.m. every morning because of his work hours, so needless to say, we're in bed earlier than most people. So, I kinda play with my projects on a "catch it when I can" basis.

7. What keeps you company while you’re working on a project?
AOL radio or my own CD's. I love 60's Oldies, but I also like Celtic and Piano CD's, and of course Christmas is coming and there is nothing I love more than Christmas music. I just load up the CD player and go!!

8. What is your favorite 'task' related to your art/craft?
I love the planning stage, when I first get an idea and start to think it out, and then I love the very last finishing touches.il_430xN.25858034

9. What is your least favorite 'task' related to your art/craft?
I detest cutting out - whether it's plastic canvas, or patterns, or shapes. And I really don't like the listing process, and taking pictures uses up soooo much time.

10. What are some of the venues you use to promote your shop/ware?(Do you blog? 11.To which teams do you belong? Do you use other sites? Which ones? etc.)
Again, due to time constraints, I don't have a blog, or a MySpace. I am really fortunate to belong to a few awesome Street Teams on Etsy, (BBEST, Wild,Wise and Witty Grandmamas, Etsy Supply Street Team, North Florida Craft Revolution)....and those lovely ladies keep me in treasuries and promote me on threads and look at my Flickr photos. I appreciate and love and thank everyone of them!!!

12. Tell us something about you that we wouldn’t necessarily know about you by talking to you in the forums.
I am totally Suthen' honey!! Just listen to Dolly Parton or Paula Deen and you get an idea of how I sound....I was in New Jersey once and went to the hotel desk to ask a question and everybody's mouth just fell open - I guess they hadn't talked to a real Southerner before, hehe.il_430xN.15470059

13. What’s your favorite book and why, favorite movie and why, favorite kind of music?
Oh dear, unfortunately I don't really have time to read anymore - I used to read constantly. I love dramas, love stories, nonfiction, medical dramas. That goes for both books and movies. I'm not a real science fiction fan, but the Star Trek Voyager series is a favorite of mine. And, back in the Chicago Bulls basketball era of Jordan and Pippen, I was a huge fan!! I have dozens of old VHS tapes of recorded games and interviews, along with a lot of memorabilia.

14. Would you care to share any 'words of wisdom' with other aspiring artists or crafters?
Yes, listen to the ones who have gone before you cos they are soooooooo wise and knowledgeable. I cherish the friendships I have made on Etsy and wish it was possible to meet everyone of these beautiful ladies in person. Thanks everyone who has ever helped me, given me advice, or just listened to me whine!!! I love you all!!

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Krazy Kate Designs said...

I loved reading this interview. Circleinthesand is one of my favorite shops as the variety of supplies is astounding! Plus, you won't find anyone around sweeter!

jstinson said...

Great interview. Enjoyed the article very much! Keep up the good work Duckie!

Beth said...

Great feature on Duckie, was so nice to get to know you better. Now I'm wanting to hear your southern belle accent.

ZudaGay said...

Duckie you will have to make a recording and put in your shop. We all want to hear you talk!! Great interview!! Duckie, you are always a joy!!!

Denise said...

Fabulous woman. A gem! You'll have to come North and visit us Yankees and really hear an accent ;)

Judy Nolan said...

I loved reading about you, Duckie! You sound like you're full of energy and projects, trying to stay ahead of the clock. Great interview!

Right As Rain Creations said...

Ducky is a shining star! She is such a pleasure to chat with in the forums. :) This was a fun interview to read - go Ducky!!

Ladybuggz said...

Duckie is the greatest!

On a Whimsey said...

Great interview, thanks! Duckie is a lovely person, always a shining star in every word.

For someone who is short on time, Duckie gets a lot done and puts many of us to shame!!!

Thanks for sharing some of your world with us ;)

Sixsisters said...

What a great blog about duckie !!!

circleinthesand said...

awwww, shucks!!!

Rose said...

Loved learning more about our great Duckie.. interesting interview:)

Pam said...

I loved reading about you, Duckie! It is really special to get to know one another better through these interviews! Bless your husband's heart! I always enjoy seeing your listings!

AltheaP said...

Hooray! Duckie finally lands long enough to speak!

joonbeam said...

Duckie, you are always a positive addition to our thread and it is delightful to know you. I am so glad you are a member of our lucky team. I enjoy your shop, your attitude and your friendship and now I can add your interview to the list! ox joonie