Monday, October 6, 2008

The letters of the B B E S T Team ..... stand for?

I looked at the letters which made up the name of the Boomers and Beyond Street Team and thought it might be fun to find an item from within the group starting with the initials of the title, BBEST. So, whilst searching Etsy using the BBEST Team tag, I came up with the following diverse selection!

B ...... stands for
Blue bird's higher calling
image streetnoodles

'Beautiful handmade jewellery & other little passions by ellen ikemoto'

This delightful pendant is even more interesting because of the write up Streetnoodles has added to the listing.

In her description she relates a poignant recount of her father's story which brings so much more meaning to this bird.

...... stands for
Beer Drinking Frogs

'Who doesn't like to see some frogs enjoying themselves with a barrel of beer?'

A picture after my own heart!

Nothing quite like a cold beer on a hot summer's day and these guys look like they could tell a tale or two.

E ...... stands for
Earth Angel

This beautiful Bracelet's is centred by a 16mm Blue Crystal Bead with Gold accents.

Another stunning creation created with a lovely mix of colours!

S ...... stands for
Stained Glass-Wrought Iron Lantern Hammered Gold

This beautiful lantern was designed and crafted by Nonnie using the copper foil method with Wissmach Hammered Gold Stained Glass with clear diamond bevels, one in the centre of each of the four sides.

This would be a beautiful lantern to display on a porch, in a window, or even inside your home.

T ...... stands for
Tumbled Marble Series Three

Four beautiful tumbled marble coasters to protect your gorgeous furniture from spills and watermarks! What a thoughtful and lovely gift!

You receive four coasters tied with coordinating ribbon ready for giving - or keeping!

And so you see some items I found from the BBEST Team. Do follow the links on each shop name to see even more wonderful selections created by some very talented members!


Beth said...

Pat, very clever and delightful post. BBEST stands for the best and talented group. Your selections are beautiful

Sixsisters said...

Novel way to approach the blog. Very nice !!

ZudaGay said...

How fun!! Love all your picks!!

Chauncey said...

PQ, what a fun idea! Thanks for adding my drinking frogs to the mix!

joonbeam said...

What a fun feature! This team always brings me a smile. It's truly the BBEST. :)

MagdaleneJewels said...

I just came across this blog accidentally, and as I was scrolling through was engrossed in Chauncey's "Drinking Frogs" only to find my bracelet under that.
Thank's so much, what an honor to be considered among the Bbest!

Anitra Cameron said...

This is such a clever idea, and I Love the items you found!

Pam said...

What a neat and clever way to feature terrific and talented artists! Very enjoyable! Thanks.