Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lose a life, gain a life and communication

An interesting subject line don’t you think? 

Lose a life was referring in particular to those poor people who struggle during Hurricane Irene.  imageMy thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones who lost so much and are now having to cope and come to terms with the devastation around their homes.  Even though Irene was later called a tropical storm she still managed to create chaos.

Sea Aglow, a scene after the storm?


Gain a life refers to a blessed addition to our family last week.SAM_1507

After eagerly awaiting his birth my only daughter gave us a miracle called Ernie! I know I am biased and that every parent/grandparent states that their little ones are the best, but, really, he is!!  Sorry, had to say that Smile

Baby Sandsniper, perfect picture for babies’ room


Mini Fold Book, memories can be stored here
Mister PenQuin


Communication? Now this part of the subject line refers to my new acquisition!  imageA mobile phone, an IPhone to be exact.  I fought it for a long time but when you see all your kids with one, well as the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them!  Now that I have one I wonder how on earth I managed without.

Felted woolen Iphone case, perfect!


Each of the above titles can be followed with the word ‘hope’.  ‘Hope’ after the ravages and losses of the storm, ‘hope’ when a new life is born and ‘hope’ that I can get my head around my new mobile!!

So there you have the latest news of events that have an impact on my life.


ZudaGay said...

Hope indeed! What a precious baby Ernie is, you can believe he is the best because you are suppose to. Those who have lost so much because of the weather are in my thoughts and prayers. Such devastation. And you are completely on your own with the iphone! I'm still dragging my feet.

yankeegirl said...

Love this! Having survived Irene unscathed but knowing that a lot of our surrounding communities did not reminds me to be grateful for all we have!

Ernie is adorable and I "Hope" you figure out the IPhone soon!

Thanks so much for including my watercolor!

MagdaleneJewels said...

Congrats on your little grandson - and what a way to make an appearance - on our Bbest blog! A miracle during so much loss.
Well now that you have the cell phone and a beautiful case by jn - can you figure out the new phone with all those apps. Just give me one that dials!!!! Nice blog!

Julie G. said...

Very sweet indeed:)

Pam said...

Loved your post, Pat! What a sweet baby. Of course, he is the best baby in the world (except for our three! LOL!) Such a joy to arrive in the middle of sadness for those who lost so much because of Irene. Thoughts and prayers with those in need. And, don't know what any of us did without the instant communication technology that we have nowadays. Iphones are so handy for snapping those pictures right on the spot!
Great job on the blog post.