Friday, February 18, 2011


Some of my BBEST team members will probably know that I am very lucky to spend regular amounts of time at a place in Devon, UK, which I call my ‘bolt hole’. It is a wonderful spot where cabins nestle amongst trees along the water’s edge of an old lake that dates back to Henry VIII. Apparently at one time a convent was nearby from which the nuns used to stroll around the lake in meditation. Perhaps this is why I love the peaceful surroundings whilst sitting on the deck overlooking the water. All you can hear are the birds ranging from wrens to geese! I have a few feeders up nearby so that I can sit and observe our feather friends as they dart in and out grabbing little tidbits.

Each country has there own special birds so I won’t bore you with all that I see here. However, it does give me a wonderful opportunity to show off some of the amazing items created by the BBEST Team.

Baltimore Oriole by Sixsisters


Hummingbird on the Fly by Hemlock Hollow


Bird in the Tree Notebook by MisterPenQuin


Two Birds by VanFleetDesign


Little Birdie Fused Glass magnet by Chris1


At Rest Watercolour of a Chickadee by YankeeGirl


Owl Pendant by Chauncey


Bird Verdigris painting by JohnieBelinda


Bird in Nest by pfd Original Artworks


Birds are fascinating creatures as they fly and buzz around. Especially at this time of year when they pair up as Spring approaches and start to organise their nesting sites. Can’t wait to see the baby Moorhens following their mother down to the water and the ducklings all trying to keep up in crocodile lines. Whoever, said they were ugly???

Whilst not all of the above images depict birds from our shores they do show off the amazing talent of the BBEST Team. Thank you for allowing me to show off the creativity here.


Imaginuity said...

I went for a walk and heard more of the spring sounds from birds in my area - what a cheery sound! Lovely post, and your choices of wonderful Bbest birds are delightful!

Ceci said...

can't wait for the birds to return this spring! Lovely

The Filigree Garden said...

I love seeing BBEST birds! I can hear birds singing again in our neck of the woods, so spring must not be far behind.

First Christian Church said...

What beautiful birds!! I love watching birds. We have had many visiting our feeders this winter, what a joy they bring to our lives. Thank you for your lovely post, Pat!


MagdaleneJewels said...

Six, very nice blog. I always look forward to your beautiful birds. Nice to see all the other "Bbest" bird creations! Can Spring be just around the corner?

Judy Nolan said...

Pat, I share your love of a "bolt hole." We don't own one, as you do, but every summer we rent a cabin in a state park, where our surroundings are very similar to yours. There is nothing quite like the peace and quiet--interrupted only by birdsong--that you find in a place like that. Thanks for sharing your enjoyment of your "bolt hole," and for highlighting BBEST birds. Thanks also for including my sewing notebook!

Fused Glass said...

Love this post! Thanks for including my little birdie!

monti said...

Great post Pat, I always look forward to spring and the return of the birds, the are so fun to watch. Great items from our talented team.

Chauncey said...

ohhh what lovely birdie choices. Terrific post, PQ.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Pat.

Julie G. said...

sweet, I love all the birds. Pat, your bolt hole sounds so lovely...I would love to see a picture of the area you are describing here:)

Sixsisters said...

Of course you know I love this Pat.
Great talent from our bbest friends.
Thank you Pat. :)

Yankeegirl said...

I miss feeding the birds in our backyard. Great post and thank you so much for featuring my little chickadee!