Monday, September 27, 2010

Where Shall We Eat Today?

“Where are we going to breakfast?” Sally asked, as she opened the door and came in.

“Oh, we are going to a great place,” I replied.  “It is one of my Mom’s favorites!  You know, since she doesn’t have a car anymore, when I go work with her, she always likes to eat out.  So, we have a wonderful pancake place near her house.  You will love it, too!”

welcome mat lincoln square

“What makes this place special?” Sally asked.

“Well, for one thing, the hostesses, owner, and servers all seem to remember who you are.  They greet you with a smile, ask how you are doing, and are just plain friendly,” I said.

please wait to be seated lincoln square“Not only that,” I went on, “But they remember what you have to drink as well and check to see whether that is what you want that day.  And, for my Mom, who enjoys coffee, the pot is bottomless.  Servers continually carry a pot of coffee around and refill everyone who wants more coffee.”

“Do you go there often?” asked Sally.

“We go there two or three mornings a week,” I answered.  “However many days I’m working with my Mom, that is where we go for breakfast.”

“How’s the menu?” Sally wanted to know.

“It is wonderful, and very reasonable.  I especially like the waffle platter which comes with two eggs, bacon, and two mini waffles.  My Mom likes the sausage gravy and biscuits.  But, there is such a variety, and always so tasty!”

lincoln square counter w flowers
“I asked one day how they could always have one or more vases of fresh flowers on the checkout counter.  The hostess replied that one of their customers sends flowers regularly.  Isn’t that amazing?” I continued.

“What else do you like about the Lincoln Square Pancake House?” Sally went on.

“Well, at the checkout counter, there are business cards for lots of different people.  Mine are there, too!  That is exciting for me that more people might find out about Etsy and all the great sellers there.”

“When do we leave?” Sally asked.  “I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!”

“We are going to go as soon as I show the folks at the restaurant some of the fabulous creations made by our Boomers and Beyond team.  I know that when they read about themselves on the blog they will want to check out our shops, too!


saop getlathered

six sisters orchid

notecard fantasycreations

shells pixiesupplies

scarf jnoriginals

necklace imaginuity

scarf cbbasement

necklace turtletreasures

neckwaarmer magdaleneknits

love bethpeardonprods

pendant nonnie60

flower zuda gay

'necklace figments

belt attackofthevintage

painting thecreatorspalette

necklace eversodear'

cup jillstreasurechest

necklace dreamwhimsy

journal lizplummer

lion fdoriginalsartworks

bracelet birose

“Those creations are wonderful!” sighed Sally.  “Wish I had them all!”

“I think the folks at Lincoln Square Pancake House will enjoy looking at them, too,” I said.  “Let’s go now.  I’m starving.”

“Where is it?” asked Sally.

“Lincoln Square Pancake House is located near the corner of Madison Avenue and Stop 11 in Indianapolis.  And I can’t wait to tell them about this blogpost!”


Ceci said...

Love the way you "told" this story. Cute!

Yankeegirl said... I want to go out to breakfast!! Very cute story and it sounds like a charming place. Great selections from our bbesters to go along with it!

ZudaGay said...

Hi everyone from Lincoln Square, we'll come have breakfast next time we visit Indianapolis. Pam, loved your post, what fun!

Pam said...

Thanks! I think the people at the pancake house will like it, too!

Judi B said...

What fun! Wish I could join you there and help hand out our business cards!

Julie G. said...

Very nice, now I'm hungry! Thanks for sharing our bbesters & their creations for all those who stop in at that lovely restaurant.

Andrea said...

Pam, what a fun story! I will have to take the girls one morning for a special breakfast, it looks like it's not too far from us.

Jill said...

Love your stories!! Thank you for including my necklace and votive holder!!!flymete

Chauncey said...

Pam, you and Sally always make me hungry. :) Wonderful post.

MagdaleneJewels said...

I always love following the adventures of Sally! Wish I could have joined her for breakfast; but even more so enjoyed shopping with her. Thank you for including my Soft and Warm NeckWarmer among all the other Bbest treasures!!

Alicia said...

Loved this blog. I've not read your blog before, but I found out about it by being a customer at Lincoln Square! I agree, the Ladies are SO nice, and they DO remember drinks, names, etc. Love the food, my favorite being the eggs benedict with hash browns. I also LOVE the homemade Chicken Pasta Soup. I work at a family physicians office just down the street from there, so we go there 1, maybe 2 times a week. I have suggested this place to others. My family has been there, and they absolutely LOVED it. So much so, they came back with a friend of theirs! Now I will definitely look for the Etsy cards :) Take care!