Monday, May 24, 2010

On the Cheap

As the economic challenges continue around the globe, we are tightening our personal budget at my house. We want to be generous with our family and friends; yet find a way to hold on to every bit of change for as long as we can. What a dichotomy!
When I reflect on everything, I know that this frugal focus is a good thing. We are taking the bus, limiting trips, searching for bargains, clipping coupons, eating or freezing leftovers, reusing. We feel a lot better about doing things that are better for ourselves and the environment. And we feel like we are setting a positive example for our children.

There are great resources on the web to help gain perspective and find better balance while moving in a frugal direction. A great article on enjoying your life while reducing your spend can be found here. And two web sites that I refer to often these days are "Fabulessly Frugal" and "Frugal Wine Review."

It is also delightful to see this trend growing in the handcrafted and artistic environments. Many of our BBEST team members have been creating fabulous items with materials they have on hand, reusing and recycling and being an amazing example.

But from a practical perspective, I often have the dilemma I have today. Several birthday's and a baby shower are coming up in the next few months, and a few little hostess thank you gifts are needed as well. Additionally, my cousin has been sick and could use a little pick me up.

And so I sat down to see if the BBEST shops on ETSY could help me out. I assumed a $5.00 limit, not including postage, for each item I needed. And just look at all the goodness I found!

First, there are the cards -

This lovely card is from Colors and Textures shop, and just the ticket for a cheer-up message.

And these cards from PFD Original Art Works are perfect for regular little notes to, oh, everyone! Have you noticed how getting something in the mail is like getting a present? Taking the time to write with a pen might be old fashioned, but it is also creates a wonderful treat!

From Big Island Rose we have this excellent Scrunchie, that would be absolutely perfect for one of those little surprises - and perfect for the budget, too!

Button Diva's made some retro buttons/magnets that are both fun and a reminder of simpler times - and they would be great in any format! Haven't you seen things - not as cool, of course - in gift shops for, like, $18.00 for the pack? What a bargain!

And just in time for protection from the summer sun, I found these yummy lip balm's from Get Lathered.

I am simply delighted to report that there is no excuse for letting the economy stop your generous spirit - thanks to the great work of the BBEST team! Hooray!


The Filigree Garden said...

BBEST creations are good investments! That buttercreme polish sounds yummy. ;-)

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Thanks for the link in your frugal post! We are glad that you find us useful in your efforts for frugality! :)