Thursday, February 11, 2010

The ‘S’ word!

I wasn’t going to but couldn’t resist mentioning the dreaded ‘S’ word or ‘SNOW’.  Some of us, on both sides of the Atlantic, have been experiencing snowfalls that we will remember for many a year.  I can hear it already, ‘Do you remember in 2009, or was it 2010, when we were snowed in/under/on?’  Kids who don’t experience it will be amazed at the photographs!  But who wants to look at photographs of the white stuff when the BBEST team on Etsy can produce some of the most amazing work which has been influenced by snow?

imageLittle Winter Tree – original water colour ACEO by ColoursandTextures


Mother of Pearl Snowman earrings by KatzKreations

imageHearts in the Snow earrings by Magdalene Jewels

image  Snow White ruffled scarf by BlazingNeedles

imageLittle House in the Snow – mini art quilt by Libertybelle

imageNative American beaded earrings (snow flakes) by JStinson

imageSnow Hare Cards by SixSisters

imageSnow Storm earrings by Gimmebeads

All the above items are amazing! What talent!!

However, although the snow has been an inspiration for many I think the time is drawing near when heads will turn to Spring and a renewed birth of a new season.   

I hope you don’t mind but I have included this post in my personal blog too!  I just wanted to show you all off to the world.

Thank you!



Attack of the Vintage said...

Great selections for this winter wonderland that is affecting so many of us!

yankeegirl said...

Ya had to write about it....snow!! Yes, the east coast will remember this snowy winter for a long time to come but the beautiful creations you chose to go along with this feature warmed me up!!

Sixsisters said...

We will certainly be talking about the snow of 2009/2010. Wonderful blog Pat and thanks for
including my cards.

ZudaGay said...

Snow is so beautiful and so are your snow items!!!

barneyp510 said...

Very topical! Beautiful snow pieces. Thanks for including my snowy scarf.


Libertybelle said...

Lots of snow here this year. It's lovely to see how the snow has influenced artists work. You have included some lovely pieces here and I'm flattered that you have included mine.Thanks!

Pam said...

What lovely selections, Pat! Love them all. By the way, if I didn't ever thank you for telling me about Live Writer, I'm doing it now! It is wonderful for creating the blog posts!