Wednesday, July 9, 2008


This week, an interview with rosegardenfae !

1. What is the name of your shop/shops?

Rosegardenfae and Rosegardenfae2... I know I know, not very original on the second one, but I had intended the shop name to be “One Woman’s Stash” which is what the banner says, but I must have filled in a blank incorrectly…*shrug*

2. What kind of items do you sell?

In the Rosegardenfae shop I sell jewelry and a few ACEO’s. My greatest love and best meditation is wire wrapping, but I do some bead stringing too. I became interested in making ACEO’s after the BBEST COMPO.
Rosegardenfae2 is bead destash, and vintage items, much of it from my mother’s collections and my own.

3. How did you find Etsy and Boomers also?

I read about Etsy on Live Journal where I am a friend to the owner of Baba Studios and one day she was talking about Etsy, so I explored the site, and opened a shop though I didn’t get it stocked till months later. While exploring the Forums when I first became an Etsian, I logged into a Boomer thread and was hooked 

4. How long have you been engaged in your art/craft?

I’ve been wire wrapping for about three years now I think. I’m not good with time.

5. Do you consider yourself a hobbyist or a professional craftsperson?

I consider myself an artist. I guess that doesn’t exactly answer the question though, so if I must choose, I’ll go with professional craftsperson. I figure if you’re getting paid you’re a professional *grin*

6. What inspires you?

Nature and the fluid continuity of life outside my window, the laughter of my grandchildren and their beautiful faces provide endless inspiration. And, the beautiful work of others that I see on Etsy as well as the continued encouragement and praise from the Boomers. The wire itself can be an inspiration and just take me along for the ride.

7. Please share with us what a typical day is like in your workshop or studio?

Well I don’t have a studio. I do have a lovely corner between two giant windows in the corner of the sunroom. I have never done anything in a typical manner so I think I’m going to flake on this question. When I work on my jewelry I set up a small wooden folding table in front of my favorite chair and put in a good DVD or music and get lost in the rhythm of wrapping wire.

8. What keeps you company while you are working on a project?

On occasion my cat Ras Boots has been known to sit by my side and try very hard to help. Somedays my granddaughter likes to watch me work, and then there’s the aforementioned DVD or music. I truly prefer to be alone when I’m working on a project.

9. What is your favorite 'task' related to your art/craft?

Winding wire is definitely the most powerful and engaging part of my jewelry making. I love to give over control to the universe and let the wire define the piece.

10. What is your least favorite 'task' related to your art/craft?
Sorting and putting everything I drag out onto my bead board. I use a lot of very small beads, 2mm, and picking them up can get boring really fast.

11. Would you care to share any 'words of wisdom' with other aspiring artists or crafters?

Do it because you want to… never give up, practice hard if a technique is challenging, and go forth and CREATE!!!

Please leave a comment for our artist on this blog! She would love to hear what you think and if you can relate to anything she's said!


Beth said...

Rosegardenfae has such wonderful items.....thanks for this lovely feature on her.

ZudaGay said...

Great feature!! I love the spirals you create EllieFae!!!

jstinson said...

Wonderful feature. Great to learn more about our Boomer friends. Keep those wires wrapping!

Judy Nolan said...

I'd love to watch you wrap wire, Elaine! Great interview!--Judy of JN Originals

joonbeam said...

I am so happy you have featured Ella this week. I love her spirit, which shows in all of her creations and that's why they are as delightful and beautiful as she is. One of my favorite people. I love to see her smiling face, too.

The wire wrapping sounds wonderful and I like the way you described your space and processes.

ps. She lets me call her Ella. Need I say more?

Jean Levert Hood said...

I love Rosegarden's wire wrapping! Her work is lovely!

Precious Quilts said...

Another wonderful artist from the BBEST group. She is so talented and appears to be so relaxed about it!
Thank you for sharing!

Chauncey said...

great feature on a great member of the group. I can almost see her wrapping that wire now.

jemsbyjb said...

Wire wrapping really takes a talent. Love the creations this artisan makes.

Rose said...

Thanks to all of you who made such wonderful comments...

Ella Rose

Night Sky said...

Somehow I missed this wonderful interview! I'm crazy about Elaine's wire work, and have asked her more than one or two questions! The green and copper necklace/earring set featured here is one one my favorite pieces on etsy!