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One by One! We're running a series of mini interviews, based on questions that we think were originally posed by Gerry of Gerry's Jewel Box as a basis for getting to know each other (thanks, Gerry). We will go in no particular order, but will do our BBEST to get everyone posted. Next in our series is
Here are her answers to our questions:

1. What is the name of your shop?
SEWBEE PRODUCTIONS and MORE is an outlet for my eclectic crafting addictions.

2. What kind of items do you sell?
Currently my shop has a variety if items from Vintage to handcrafted earrings to sewn purses, totes and doggie bags to mosaic supplies. The variety of arts/crafts that I make coincides with my various mood swings!My main claim to fame is that of a seamstress.

3.How did you find Etsy and Boomers?

As a seller on another E site, I met a woman with an odd ID that I curiously asked about; we had a lot in common from chihuahuas to crafts. She has an Etsy shop called Citypretties and inspired me to sign up! Several months later as I was milling around the site, I saw the Boomers chat line and asked to I am! I am fairly new to the technology of computers and have some unreasonable fears associated with navigating the same! So sometimes I need an extra push.

4.How long have you been engaged in your art/craft?

I have never needed so much as a nudge to create something from another object...I have been sewing since the age of 4 (MY earliest recollections!) a late child of a farm wife, I had no close siblings and Mom was too busy so she'd sit me down with a project: clay, fabric & thread, scissors & paper, building blocks, crayons. I spent hours making things...when other girls played with dolls, I made them clothing!

5.Do you consider yourself a hobbyist or a professional crafts person?
As the years passed I started 4-H and began to sew clothing for myself. Family income was always slim so sewing my own clothing gave me a nicer wardrobe as well as a unique one. I enjoyed sewing, so it was definitely a hobby, but in H.S. I began sewing for others who were willing to pay...thus began the 'profession'. This was only supplemental income throughout college and early married life when I worked part time as a waitress or cook. After a back injury in 1982, I worked toward developing a clothing alterations business where I could manage my own time & energy...I've had a public sewing shop since 1990. Needing a break from sewing on occasion, I perfected some of the hobby crafts I had done over the years to include in my shop: earrings, mosaic pieces and various toys, stuffed animals, fabric brooches...whatever pleases me at any given moment as a diversion from the more technical aspects of alterations! I learned to click a computer in 2007! Now, I sell on-line too!

6. What inspires you?

I am inspired to create by everything and everyone around is hard to put a finger on any one thing. I want to earn a level of recognition and creating arts/crafts is my best chance, I guess! Putting food on the table inspires me to do my craft well!

7.Please share with us what a typical day is like in your workshop or studio?
My sewing shop has regular public hours and I start most days sewing what ever needs to be done for the next day...When that is finished, I start on longer term projects that clients have ordered OR the more fun things like making a purse or a doggie bag. I usually have parts & pieces cut out ahead of time that wait for a rainy day to sew or assemble. In Minnesota, the weather sets the pace for the day and if it is a nice, sunny afternoon, I grab the opportunity to sit outside and cut china for mosaic projects.

8.What keeps you company while working on a project?

Winter is long & boring here also, so when in my shop, the TV is on and tuned to CNN news. I have a Criminal Justice/Sociology B.S. degree with an emphasis on government and Constitutional Law so keeping in touch with current events is the perfect 'background' for anyone working with their hands and it all interests me greatly...also, since my shop is in my home I have dogs & cats that keep me company. A couple of chihuahuas spend the day in their doggie bags ON MY CUTTING TABLE! Spoiled!

9. What is your favorite "task" related to your art/craft?

The BEST part of any project is the anticipation: planning & gathering materials. I 'collect' How-To books and when I need to 'relax' I sit down with a stack and look for a new project idea. Even when I am too tired to work or even if I'm ill, looking through books for ideas keeps the creative juices flowing!

10.What is your least favorite "task" related to your art/craft?

My least favorite task is 'trouble shooting' which is an inevitable part of creating. Often times things don't work out perfectly or automatically and one must try a number of techniques to get a satisfactory product. This results in the final product being of best quality, tho, so it is worth the displeasure!

11. Would you care to share any "words of wisdom" with other aspiring artists or crafters?

"Rewards in life need not always be monetary" If you can take an aspect of your life that you enjoy and find a way to make a modest income from of it, you will eliminate unnecessary stress,enjoy better health, prolong your life and appreciate rewards other than the green back! NOTHING is perfect, but getting close is good enough for me!

What did you learn about her that you didn't know? Any surprises? Any comments about her work
? Please don't forget to leave comments on the blog for our teammate!


Jean Levert Hood said...

Great interview, lovely to learn more about SewBee!

jstinson said...

Zada, I thoroughly enjoyed this interview with you! I admire your work and it was fun to learn more about you. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more conversations with you in the forum!

maryeb said...

Thanks for the words of wisdom. I need to remember them when I'm feeling stressed!

Judy Nolan said...

Nice to learn a little more about you, Zada.

ZudaGay said...

What a great interview!!! I loved reading it and learning more about Zada!!! I can just picture the little dogs in their beds on the cutting table! ☺

Liv said...

Very nice to learn more about a "teammate" and how she experiences the creative process.

Precious Quilts said...

I really felt as if this was a one to one conversation telling me a little more about you, thank you!

Beth said...

Wonderful inteview......Love learning about all our boomers

Sixsisters said...

Wow what a great interview with Sewbee. She is
a wonderful seamstress and crafter.
I like her philosphy about doing what you
enjoy and not just for the money .

midnightcoiler said...

Great interview! Your work is beautiful Sewbee. I also like your words of wisdom.

joonbeam said...

Thank you Van and Zada. I really loved reading about your life adventures, interests, Minnesota and philosophy. You cover it all and so pleasantly! It is no wonder you are successful at anything you put your mind to, Zada. You are an inspiration. I'm glad to know you as a BBESTer too. You add a lot to our thread and I am grateful our paths have crossed.


Clinging Images said...

Very nice interview! Like the words of wisdom. too!